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September 1, 2010

5 Awesome Things About Bedbugs

So you have bedbugs! That sucks, both literally and figuratively. But look at the bright side! Here are some awesome things about bedbugs.


Bubbling, bub·bling, gerund: “A creative way to bypass religious restrictions on looking at porn or nudity.” A horny but inventive Mormon fellow invented Bubbling because he's not allowed to look at porn. Here's how it works. (Via Reddit.)

When Cartoons Grow Old

Ever wonder what it would look like if our old-school cartoons could actually age? They might be a bit scruffy around the edges, but at least they've still got their charm!

Famous Jelly Bean Portraits

With their rainbow of colors, jelly beans are the perfect medium for creating incredible edible art. Here are a couple of famous portraits, jelly bean style.

The Meat Apocalypse

Now we finally know what goes on after the supermarkets close. The meat section comes alive! I wonder what goes on in the produce aisle.

The Goofiest Guitar Faces

Even the most famous musicians have their goofy side. Just check out the faces they make while playing guitar. I’m not sure if it’s pleasure or pain.

Golfer Hits Rock, Starts Blaze

A 25 acre fire sparked by a golf ball hitting a rock makes the cliched phrase, "anything's possible," ring true. After this, golfers will not only worry about coming in under par, but will also stress about burning down the golf course or worse.

Wiimote Sex Toys

This Wii accessory is rated Adults Only. Well, it DOES vibrate. You had it coming Nintendo.

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