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September 1, 2010

The Internet is never gonna let you down, Rick Astley.

Once again, we coming crashing down on life's stupid mysteries. You're welcome.

So you have bedbugs! That sucks, both literally and figuratively. But look at the bright side! Here are some awesome things about bedbugs.

Office Space Printer Scene Recreations: For some reason, there are tons of spoof videos on YouTube of the scene in "Office Space" where they destroy a printer. I guess nerds with video cameras just looooove "Office Space."..

I sure hope it was designed to sound like testes. Because that is the only way this product could be any classier.

Discovery Channel gunman James Jay Lee was shot by police officers outside the building.

Here is the updated list of drugs facing FDA approval decisions.

"Lights Out". It's his first mainstream single in 17 years.

James Jay Lee, upset with the Discovery Channel's environmental programming, took several people hostage at gunpoint at the company's headquarters Wednesday.

Here is a heart-wrenching video of Ronald McDonald sitting in the rain, alone, reading.

Ever wonder what it would look like if our old-school cartoons could actually age? They might be a bit scruffy around the edges, but at least they've still got their charm!

With their rainbow of colors, jelly beans are the perfect medium for creating incredible edible art. Here are a couple of famous portraits, jelly bean style.

It's an honors course!

Now we finally know what goes on after the supermarkets close. The meat section comes alive! I wonder what goes on in the produce aisle.

Even the most famous musicians have their goofy side. Just check out the faces they make while playing guitar. I’m not sure if it’s pleasure or pain.

Check out Cee Lo's OFFICIAL music video for "Fuck You."

A 25 acre fire sparked by a golf ball hitting a rock makes the cliched phrase, "anything's possible," ring true. After this, golfers will not only worry about coming in under par, but will also stress about burning down the golf course or worse.

Not your typical OLD BORING STUPID cartoon.

She looks better as a non-blue person.

Note to self: find Swedish husband.

This Wii accessory is rated Adults Only. Well, it DOES vibrate. You had it coming Nintendo.

He wears fringe! Wince.

Learn WTF a Kobo is.

The Jews are annoyed.

That money wasn't going towards school anyway.

Just do a Mean Girls 2.

We've all seen the incredible (and incredibly popular) videos of guys making unbelievable basketball shots.

Mmm...marinated bull balls and testicle goulash.

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