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September 22, 2010

The Ten Most Iconic Butts of Rock

How many can you name?

103 Pugs Wearing Little Jackets

This post essentially began as a dare. It was inspired by Amanda's 22 Pets Dressed For Fall post, but I narrowed the focus to the one thing that was most relevant to my interests.

American Idol Judges Confirmed

Fox officially confirmed today, that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have signed on as replacements for American Idol’s three departing judges. Get ready for the weirdest Idol yet!

Top 10: Sadistic Experiments

The following top 10 scientific experiments from the past are considered sick, unethical or just plain sadistic by today's standards.

Gravity Gun Mod for Grand Theft Auto IV

Simple Trainer mod for Grand Theft Auto IV gives you a gravity gun and lets you teleport, spawn vehicles, set pedestrians on fire, and unlock all three islands.

NFL Predictions Week 3: Picks for Every Game

Let's take a look at who has the best chance of picking up a W in Week 3.

Iron Man Cross Stitch

Okay hipsters, you win this round. This thing glows in the dark, for God's sake.

Justin Bieber Sings Happy Birthday To Cancer

A legendary rendition of happy birthday by Justin Bieber.

Passive Aggressive Panda

Oh, is that what you're posting from the tumblr? No, no. I'm sure people won't not hate it.

Julianne Moore Crying :'(

She loves to cry.

A Poem By Tim Burton

It makes about as much sense as anything else he's done.

Tetris Final Boss

Shoot where he's going to be, not where he is.

Pro Gamer Raychul Moore May Be the Perfect Woman

The woman who won't gripe when you sit around all day playing video games is rare. Raychul Moore, then, is extremely rare -- not only will she encourage it, but she'll challenge you to a match and then blog about her victory later.

3 Hot Stocks Poised to Double, Even Triple

We present hot stock picks, both small and large, that top portfolio managers say are poised to double -- or even triple.

Chanel Could Sue You for Using the Word ‘Chanel’ as an Adjective to Describe Someone Else’s Designs

Apparently Chanel has got its interlocking-C embossed undies in a bunch about writers and editors using its name as a descriptor for other designers’ collections.

The Best/Worst Live Performance On The Maury Povich Show Ever

Danielle Staub debuts the pop mix of her single "Real Close" on the Maury Show.

Chubby Babies Have Better Sex

Baby boys with extra fat end up losing their virginities sooner and having more sexual partners, according to Science.

More Gringos Buying Mexican Coke

It seems Americans are learning what Mexican-Americans have known for ages: Mexican Coke tastes better than American Coke.

Paris Fountain Spouts Sparkling Water

The Paris mayor's office says it has installed a drinking fountain that spouts sparkling water in a city park.

A Thorough Collection of Women’s Health and Support Group Logos

So many flourishy squiggles that just make you think of "maxi pads with wings" upon first glimpse.

Goodnight Vagina

A short film starring Cheryl Hines about vaginal self-loathing.

Signs of Clean Hands

If you are not already practicing good hygiene by washing your hands after you use the restroom, then this week might be the perfect time to start. It’s National Clean Hands Week! Here are some signs with very clear directions for those of you who may be unsure of just how to go about it.

JWoww Is Making a Fortune off Playboy

Every now and then you hear that Playboy is in bad financial shape, and it never seems to make sense, because who doesnt love Playboy, but after this it will start to make perfect sense.

Doctor Who Spinning TARDIS

The Doctor Who Spinning TARDIS from the NeatoShop is a fun dekstop item that works using magnets to keep the TARDIS in mid-air.

Glee Cupcakes

Glee returned to TV last night, so here's some Glee fanatics taking it to the next level with these ultra Gleeky cupcakes.

Man Airlifted from Sinking Boat with Seconds to Spare

There are close calls, but this is real-life James Bond territory here: a very lucky Croatian man by the name of Ivan Plevnik barely manages to survive his boat capsizing.

One Of These Is You

This about sums it up. It's like guidance-counseling for the hopelessly disaffected. (Via @rcbth.)

Joy Division: Attorney’s At Law

This is one of the more creative names for a law firm. Although I’m not entirely sure how Ian Curtis would feel about it, it’s certainly nice to be remembered.

Fish Attack

Hundreds of flying Asian Carp attacked a woman on Lake Nesbit in Mississippi.

Fark Takes On The Dollar Bill

The Huffington Post displayed the best designs from the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, and now it’s Fark’s turn. Here are some of the best designs from Fark users.

17-Year-Old Australian Boy And Japanese Developer Blamed for Twitter Meltdown

A 17-year-old boy from Australia has been linked to the great Twitter security meltdown of 2010. He claims he triggered a chain of events that affected thousands of people. The suspected “other culprit” was Masato Kinugawa, a Japanese developer, who was only trying to create colored tweets using the vulnerability.

Embarrassing Billboard Typo

A billboard bragging about the schools in South Bend, Indiana was erected without anyone noticing a certain misspelled word, until Lee MacMillan took a picture and posted it on Facebook.

The Most Adorable Hockey Helmet

Only until they start featuring pictures of airbrushed cats on uniforms will I finally start giving a f*ck about sports.

Chainless Bicycle

A Hungarian company called Skyex has invented the StringBike a bicycle that uses wires and pulleys instead of a chain.

The Science of Craft Beer, in Ten Easy Steps

Welcome to Craft Course, our new column on the art of craft beer.

Malicious 'Rainbow Tweets' Plague Twitter through 'onMouseOver' Flaw

Twitter moved quickly to patch the flaw, but not before it became a trending topic (under five different headings).

Top 10 Backwards Music Videos of All Time

In honor of all the forward-thinking, backward-thinking video directors, Urlesque presents the best backwards videos of all time (minus Coldplay's "The Scientist" which is sadly not embeddable anywhere).

Screaming Oprah Gets Auto-Tuned

We're going to AUSTRALIAAAAAA!

Fibonacci Pigeons

These birds are so smart!

Vagina Bubbles from Hell: the Female Ninja Magic Chronicles

“Female ninja magic: vagina bubbles from hell!”

Surprise! Arrest Warrant Issued for Lindsay Lohan

You saw it coming: After failing two drug tests just weeks after leaving rehab, a judge has revoked Lindsay Lohan's probation and issued a bench...

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