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September 27, 2010

Kanye West Is Tracy Jordan

Twitter finally gives back.

Jimi Heselden: Segway Company Owner Rides off Cliff: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Jimi Heselden: Segway Company Owner Rides Off Cliff: Please file under ironic endings...Segway Inc. Announces Merger | The Last Mile...

The 10 Best Old School Disney Channel Show Theme Songs

And by old school, I mean shows that aired on the Disney Channel between the years 1998-2007. We all know that was the PEAK of Disney Channel programming.

Chimp Bloopers

Outtakes from The BBC archives featuring chimp bloopers.

Katy Perry on SNL Pics

Was this her most pointless display of cleavage yet?

Segway Company Owner Jimi Heselden Dies Driving Segway off Cliff

The British tycoon who owned the Segway company died while riding a rugged version of the two-wheeled machine off a cliff and into a river, according to published reports.

Comedian Greg Giraldo Overdoses, in Critical Condition

Greg Giraldo always puts a funny face on, but right now the comedian might be finding it hard to laugh.

The Anatomy Of A Viral Post

With a big assist from our Viral Dashboard (you have one too! use it!), here's a case study of one of our most popular posts in the past month: Hipster Dinosaurs, by dino-hating BuzzFeeder IHateDinosaurs.

Avant Puppy Urine Art

A dog marks its territory with a unique pattern on a curb.

Dreamcast iPod Case

Another day, another awesome iPod case.

Katy Perry Busts Out the Elmo Mockery on 'SNL'

Winking at controversy certainly seems to come as naturally to Perry as singing, strutting and tweeting!

Comedian Greg Giraldo Critical after Drug Overdose

Greg Giraldo, the popular comedian and judge on 'Last Comic Standing,' reportedly overdosed on prescription pills Saturday night at a hotel in New Jersey.

Socially Addicted

At least it's not meth?

The Waldo Ultimatum

Now he's finding you.

Emergency Delta Landing Captured On Tape

Amateur footage from the emergency Delta landing at JFK airport this Saturday.

Little Biker Meltdown

Sometimes going forwards isn't as easy as it looks. Whoever said being a kid is the easiest time of your life obviously never had a tricycle. (Via )

Oracle's 'Real' Buyout Targets

In the wake of Oracle's earnings call, Wall Street thinks the software giant will try to buy ARM Holdings, AMD or Nvidia. This doesn't make sense.

Jet Careens to Safe Landing at NY Airport

With a flight attendant yelling "heads down, stay down," passengers cowered and prayed on a tense descent into John F. Kennedy International Airport as malfunctioning landing gear sent sparks flying and left one of the plane's wings dragging along the tarmac.

'Idol' Alum Crystal Bowersox to Tie the Knot!

Crystal Bowersox may not have gone home the winner of last seasons American Idol, but she still has plenty to sing about.

No Hipsters Allowed

Finally, discrimination I can get behind.

"Riding the Rail"

"Riding the rail" was a punishment in Colonial America where a man--rarely a woman--was stripped and made to straddle a wooden fence rail, while being carried on the shoulders of two other men. Further, the man was then paraded throughout the community until dumped on the side of the road and abandoned. Seems like we've really gotten less creative with the whole "capital punishment" thing.

Pizza Box of the Future

Captain Planet would be proud.

Tempting Fate

Pretending to be Kenny? Do you have a death wish?

Economics of Star Wars

Scrooge McDuck wishes he had this much money.

6 Movie Plots Averted By Common Sense

Let's turn this two hour epic into a five minute short! Via

Mash up of Star Wars and the Town, Funny Viral Video

That Dahth Vadah, hes a real fackin hahd on.

Larry Robbins Sets New Standard for Quarterly Letters

One word: analogies. Eleven words: Analogies likening being a steward of capital to being a bus driver.

Brother And Sister After Dentist

What's better than one crazy after wisdom teeth reaction? Two! This brother and sister were fortunate enough to have their wisdom teeth removed together, so at least they were able to enjoy each other's lunacy.

Brooklyn Teen Takes National Texting Title and $50,000

Thirteen-year-old Brianna Hendrickson just earned the admiration of parents across the nation.

Toronto High-rise Fire Injures 14

A six-alarm fire in a 30-story public housing apartment building sent 14 people to hospitals in Toronto, Canadian media reports said Saturday.

Jurassic Park: the Musical

I'd see this if Jeff Goldblum was in it.

A Beard Film

A delightful stop-motion film about facial hair.

Sister Wives: Can TLC Make Polygamy Seem Normal?

It's the reality version of Big Love.

Fashion Face off: Who Wore It Better?

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver wore an identical dress to a premiere.

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