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September 21, 2010

Gamer Burns Down His House By Accident

I've never played Minecraft, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching this poor gentleman accidentally burning down his Minecraft house during a demonstration for YouTube. (Via Cyn-C.)

Cats Morphing into Croissants

Wow...yeah, I think I see it now.

How To Wrap Your Favorite Cat For Christmas

The holidays are coming quickly and you should make sure you have all of your bases covered. Here are some instructions on how to wrap your favorite cat.

Halloween’s Coming. Is Your Power Loader Costume Ready?

Would it be wrong to put on the tauntaun costume from last year and then get into this power loader? And then have a dwarf dressed like Atreyu from The NeverEnding Story ride on my back? I took it too far didn’t I?

Jed I. Knight

I wish I could be a Jed I Knight.

My First Quantum Translocator

Use Your Quantum Translocator to navigate these clever little puzzle levels. Post screenshots if you beat it. This game is kind of hard! (Via.)

Baby Business

Inside the terrifying labyrinth of a baby's mind. My God, they're unpleasant creatures.

Astronauts' Amazing Twitter Pics

NASA is famed for its expensive, complicated, high-tech gadgetry, but lately, some astronauts have been resorting to a very down-to-earth medium of communication to share their magnificent views of space with the rest of us earthlings.

My 120 Pound Journey

Good for him!

Cat Tats

Sometimes it’s hard to find a proper way to tell the world just how much you love your cat. While some simply use words, others choose to go the more artistic route. Here are the best of cat tats.

Puppy Unable To Grasp Concept Of Escalator

A confused puppy senses that he is moving, but seems to be confused about his mode of locomotion.

Glider Pilot Survives after High-Speed Wreck

A pilot miraculously survived his S-1 Swift G-IZII glider crashing into a runway at high speed.

Tyler Colvin Video and the 10 Freakiest On-Field Injuries Ever

Here are the top 10 freakiest injuries in sports history.

Recursive Pizza

This pizza featuring mini pizzas as toppings is actually a piece of "art" entitled Physical Pizza Networking Theory.

Danny DeVito Plays Ghandi in David Mamet Actors Studio Parody for Funny or Die

Here’s Danny DeVito playing Ghandi in an Inside the Actors Studio-parody Funny or Die video directed by Pulitzer-winning writer/director/playwright David Mamet.

Damn Dam Goats

Silly goats, you are not the little dutch boy. You don't even have thumbs. Get down from there.

Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case

But will it help me draw boxy boobs on my home screen?

CoolSculpting and Erchonia Fight Fat with Frigid Temps and Lasers

As the U.S.'s battle against the bulge intensifies, scientists and medical professionals are progressively enlisting the aid of technology to help restrain those expanding waistlines.

TwitPic Theater: Deadmau5, Time Travel, Helicopters Edition, Miami Dolphins

Playmates, hot celebrities and gorgeous babes all over Twitter kept busy over the weekend.

Twitching Alien Cat

This mutant cat with weirdly human phalanges is going to be the next Montauk monster.

Cats Take On ROFL Monkey

A pair of well groomed cats take on the infamous ROFL monkey. They are not amused. (via)

PS22 Singing "Imagine"

Introducing the class of 2011 PS22 chorus!

Deflated Hopes for First Female President

This Sydney Hardin painting entitled "Drill Baby Drill" pretty much sums all your mixed patriotic feelings.

Sarah Jessica Parker Cries at Alexander McQueen Tribute

Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue editor Anna Wintour were among the fashionistas who paid tribute to late designer Alexander McQueen at a private memorial service at St. Paul's Cathedral in London Monday.

Ebay Launches LOOKBOOK, Helps You Keep Your Friends

Do your friends’ roll their eyes when you walk into the room? If you’ve showered lately, then it could be all of the random mismatched clothes you’ve won on Ebay. Thanks to the newly launched Ebay LOOKBOOK, the days of blind shopping are over. You can now go for the complete look you’ve always wanted without stretching your wallet.

Smeargle's Got Some 'Splaining Do To

Show us on the doll where he touched you, Jigglypuff.

High On Life

Don't get down..syndrome. Yep, going to hell for that one.

The Breakfast Monsters

Five strangers with nothing in common, except each other.

Rolling Down The Solar Highway

The future is paved with glass roads, apparently.

Jason Campbell and a Dozen NFL Players Who Lost Their Starting Jobs on Sunday

For Week 2 of the 2010 NFL season, there were a number of players that may have just played their way out of a starting job or already learned that they lost their starting jobs from Week 1.

World's Smallest Stop Motion Film

Dot is the worlds smallest stop motion animated film. It was created by the makers of the Wallace Gromit series, who used a 50x cell phone microscope.

Never Say No To Panda!

Seriously, just eat the cheese.

Placebo Effect Translates to Female Viagra: Psychologists

Placebo pills for fake female Viagra show that, for some women, bad sex is simply a state of mind.

Edible Jell-O Cups

Jell-O shooters are so passé. Jell-O cups are where the cool kids are. (Via geekosystem.)

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