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September 28, 2010

ICEDOT Medical ID Chips Help Track Players' Health on the Field

Earlier this season, the University of Oklahoma Sooners football team began wearing In Case of Emergency Dot (ICEDOT) chips during games. The small r...

MGM Most Likely Casino Bankruptcy, Poll Says

MGM Resorts is the casino most likely to file bankruptcy over the next two years, according to investors.

Real Estate Masturbation

Why do real estate moguls have the best ads ever?

George Lopez, Wife Split after 17 Years of Marriage

George Lopez is soon to be a single man.

Otis vs. Elliptical

In an attempt to shed some pounds, fat cat, Otis was placed on a strict regimen of exercise. It looks like he’s really enjoying his workout!

The Most Beautiful Starfish In The World

If you thought the crabs were pretty, you will be transfixed by these gorgeous sea creatures. I don’t know what I’d do with them, but I want them all.

Paper Skeleton

Some of us can't even make daisy chain people, you know.

Every Day Posters Every Day

A series of posters, flyers, and invitations to the most mundane "events" of your insipid life.

Exoskeleton Suit

Needs more "Get away from her, you bitch!" but definitely one step closer to Aliens.

Gunman Dead In UT Shooting

A gunman fired several shots in the library at The University of Texas at Austin this morning before killing himself.

A.V.A.T.A.R. (Anglos Valiantly Aiding Tragic Awe-inspiring Races)

Thank God we white people are here to save them from us.

Samus Burlesque Is Pretty Hot

Zero suit's got nothing on this. (Via.)

The Miracle Of Life: Now With Robots

Traumatized for life. And I have two kids. Thanks Japan. Via

Custom Felt Falcor

Quick, help me kill this unicorn. We can sell its horn for the cash to buy this awesome custom Falcor.

Your "Casual" Outfit Just Got Lazier

Levi's now makes a onesie that gives the illusion of two separate pieces.

7 Avatar Back Tattoos In 7 Months

Avatar super-fan and TypePad community member rayknowles68 proudly announced his 7th Neytiri back tattoo in as many months yesterday. Here's to another 7 months, and another 7 tattoos.

El Guincho's New Video is a Movie Trailer [NSFW]

Spanish artist El Guincho's new video for "Bombay" is also the trailer for Nicolas Mendez's movie with the same name.

What Not To Wear To Work

If you have any doubt about the items on this list your future is going to be pretty dim, unless your profession is highly specialized.

The Most Annoying Tattoo Customer

This woman really shouldn't be getting a tattoo.

Texting Has Led to a Surge in Driving Deaths

Almost 6,000 motorist deaths in 2008 were caused by a driver using a cell phone in some capacity.

Roger Ebert Challenges Christine O'Donnell on Evolution, Creationism

Film critic, occasional liberal pundit and compulsive Twitter user Roger Ebert couldn't let O'Donnell's old comments slide, though, posting the following joking rebuttal on his feed on Sunday.

The Limburger Cheese War

From the “Dustbin of History” files, here’s the pungent tale of two midwest states whose pride and honor were once challenged…by a slab of stinky cheese.

Woman Dyes Cat Pink To Match Her Hair

Ever seen a pink cat? Nahhhhhhh, well, maybe. Onlookers were taken by surprise last week when a pink cat came flying over a garden wall. What's next...rainbow cats?
 Read the full story here.

Teenage Paparazzo

Adrian Grenier made a documentary about a 13-year-old paparazzo.

Amanda Knox Will Face Slander Charges Friday

Amanda Knox will face slander charges in Perugia, Italy, on Friday, but she and her lawyers are not worried about them, her mother told CBS News this morning.

UN Plan For 'Alien Ambassador' A Case Of Science Fiction?

Looks like the UN won't be adding the title of "Alien Ambassador" to its payroll anytime soon. What a disappointment...

The Real Life Inspirations for 14 Simpsons Characters

The look of Mr. Burns was based on Fox founder Barry Diller and a praying mantis.

Mark Zuckerberg To Become Comic Book Hero, Villain?

Looks like Mark Zuckerberg is going to be immortalized once again. This time the Facebook creator will star in his own comic book. Will we finally get to know the real Mark Zuckerberg? Stay tuned!

The Accidental Hipster

A song about the poor dude who can't really control his hipsterish circumstances.

Simon Pegg Tweets Opinion On 3D Movies

Seriously Dad. Take those off before I die of mortification.

This Is How You Traumatize Kids

Get it right Sesame Street.

Building a 1:1 Scale Enterprise In MineCraft

Stand in awe of this man and his tenacity to lack of a social life.

Texting and Driving Is Growing American Killer, Study Reports

Sending text messages while driving was the culprit in the deaths of an estimated 16,000 people from 2001 to 2007. Even more sobering, researchers warn that fatalities have shot up significantly since 2005.

Welcome Back, Octo-Program

This viral Tron marketing is getting out of hand.

First Look At Cohen Bros. New Film

True Grit makes me happy on many levels, not the least of which is girls with guns.

Is Man Makeup on the Rise? (Please God No)

Lots of us have a soft spot for a brooding rocker-type in a little bit of eyeliner. (David Bowie! Ewan MacGregor! Captain Jack Sparrow!) But what about a dude in bronzer?

Five People We’d Like to See Host Saturday Night Live

Bryan Cranston, Jane Lynch, Emma Stone, John Hamm and Lindsay Lohan (unofficially) are all slated to appear this season, and with a roster that promising, who can help but get a little bit dreamy?

Jersey Shore's Pauly D Gets His Own Show

According to RadarOnline, Pauly D, 28, will be getting a new MTV spinoff focusing on his career as a deejay.

SunnyD And Rum

The Gregory Brothers run their magic on an original song by Youtube user u8a22 (of recent Sweet Home Alabama cover fame) called "SunnyD and Rum".

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