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September 5, 2010

Juggalo Island

ICP is back with their third music video from the super successful 'Bang Pow Boom' album.

Discover Bryman College

Dina has convinced me to enroll!

The 10 Best Tweets From Kanye West's Apology To Taylor Swift

Kanye West finally apologized to Taylor Swift via Twitter. Instead of reading his ridiculously long apology, check out these 10 tweets.

Epic Mickey - Full Opening Cinematic

Finally, the careless, slightly jerk-face Mickey I remember from my childhood.

Sauron's Baby Pictures

Even then it was apparent he would be evil.

Weird Al Tested And Approved

Because we needed more affirmation that we gamers are nerds.

Won't Someone Think Of The Children

One of the most apt descriptions I've ever heard.

4Chan Gives 90-Year-Old A Very Happy Birthday

A few days ago, 4Chan decided they were going to make William J. Lashua's 90th birthday one he'd never forget. The big day was yesterday, and sure enough, he received a huge pile of cards from Internet well-wishers and a few charming party-crashers even stopped by.

Burger King Sold! What's Next?

Wednesday’s buyout of Burger King has consumers wondering what changes are in store for the nationwide chain.

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