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September 20, 2010

What Do You Want From Us?

Amid rising cartel violence, one local Mexico paper asks what can the citizens do to make this stop. One of the saddest headlines ever.

The Ultimate Trololo Mashup

Trolololol, it's your birthday.

Rodent Debutante

Fiddle-dee-dee. (See also.)

Hostage Drama Played Out By Fingers

It all started when the first cutesy photo started doing well on Reddit over the weekend. What it quickly turned in to was a high-tension hostage drama played out entirely by personified digits.

Marie Blanchard Pics - Haitian Beauty Marie Blanchard Gallery

Oh, bless the people of Haiti. Yes, for overcoming a natural disaster, but, more importantly, for bringing America this leggy lady, Marie Blanchard.

Ricki Lake's House Burns Down

Tragedy hit this weekend for Ricki Lake when her beach house caught fire.

Surfing Dog Competition Ruins Non-Surfing Dogs Forever

If your dog doesn't surf, then your dog sucks. Are dogs even cute if they're not on surfboards? I can't remember now.

How To Make Love Like Kenny Powers

Now you can fulfill every woman's redneck fantasy.

Scratching Many Capybaras

Just a video of capybaras being scratched. All is well in the world right now.

The Most Beautiful Crabs In The World

Who knew crabs were such "colorful" creatures? And to think we all thought they were just red and ugly. Look again!

20 Things That Look Like Female Genitals

I mean, I'm assuming. I had a friend at camp who said he saw one once. He told me what they look like.

The Venture Bros.: the Diving Bell vs. the Butter-Glider

The semi-season opener finds Dr. Venture semi-paralyzed in a trauma-induced coma. Sgt. Hatred and the boys recruit the medical minds of Conjectural Technologies for the mystery diagnosis.

Everything's Better with Muppets

You may remember Ricardo Autobahn as the creator of the awesome Golden Age of Video, or you might know him as part of the musical duo Spray, along with Jenny McLaren.

Why Did Ricki Lake's Malibu Home Burn Down?

Not long after sunrise on Saturday morning, firefighters responded to a 911 call from the home of talk-show-maven-turned-filmmaker Ricki Lake, and found her safely at the side of a Malibu, Calif., road with her two sons and the family dog.

Octomom Nadya Suleman Is Broke and on Welfare

With 14 mouths to feed and a failed attempt at reality TV, the so-called "Octo-Mom" is going on welfare. reports Nadya Suleman is broke, and is struggling to provide for her family.

LeAnn Rimes and Wendy Williams' Bitter Feud!

The talk show host calls the singer's affair with Eddie Cibrian "sloppy" -- and Rimes fires back calling Williams "mean".

Lindsay Lohan Admits She Failed a Drug Test on Twitter

Lindsay Lohan went on her twitter page late Friday night, around 10pm in LA, and admitted that she failed a drug test.

Comedian, Entertainer: Daniel Songer

This guy is really good at stand-up, you know?

Celine Dion Punk

Aww. It looks like even the most hardcore punx have a softer side. And as I’m sure you all know, it doesn’t get much softer than Celine Dion.

Professor Cracks Code to Negotiating Bigger Salary

A forthcoming study from Temple business school lays all out all you need to know about securing a higher salary: the five tactics people most often use, what works, and what doesn't.

Justin Bieber Fans Vs. 50-Cent: The 10 Most Threatening Tweets

50-Cent kinda, sort of dissed Justin Bieber on Twitter this weekend. Consequently, Bieber fans went to town on his ass. Here are the 10 most hostile tweets.

Wild Nights With Of Montreal!

It just wouldn’t be a proper Of Montreal show without the crazy oversexed stage theatrics, ridiculous props, and a guest appearance by Susan Sarandon. Unfortunately, Susan wasn’t spanking any pigs this time, just sitting in VIP. Here are some of the best photos from the two wild nights.

The Dollar Bill Gets A Makeover

Thanks to the Dollar ReDe$ign Project , we can now accomplish 2 things at once: give the American dollar a facelift and "rebrand" our way out of the recession. Why didn't President Obama think of this? Here are some of the best designs.

The Best iPhone Diet Apps

Since the dawn of man, not a single person has ever enjoyed dieting. The iPhone can help.

4chan Users Crash MPAA Website

Over the weekend, “Anonymous” struck again, and this time their victim was the MPAA. Hundreds (and possibly thousands) of 4chan users crashed the MPAA website in a pro-piracy protest. This latest attack only reiterates the fact that you simply do not fuck with “Anonymous.”

Credit Card Survival Tool

The apocalypse is here...zombies are clawing at your front door--but wait--you have this 10 in 1 survival tool! We're saved!!!!!

Top 10: Iconic Console Games

For the endless number of video games that come and go, there are those that stand out above the rest. They generate sequels and create dynasties that last through multiple generations of consoles and players.

Lego Robot Handjob

This game looks hard.

Disney Chibi Princesses

Prince Kido takes an adorable look at our pop culture princesses.

So Mean!!!

A music video made from clips of American Idol and TV shows from the '70s.

Klepto Manta Mugs Cameraman

I said no flash photography!

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