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September 24, 2010

Brain Controlled Japanese Ipad Application: Concentrate and Receive a Kiss

Typically, the only reward you receive for gaming out on an iPad is either a fistful of blisters or some catty comment from a passerby.

Facebook Stops Working, Forcing Millions of Americans to Start

The world's largest social-networking site has been intermittently out of service for a portion of the last hour, leaving millions of Americans no choice but to return to work.

Girls Make Out with Other Girls Mostly for Male Attention

I like it when chicks make out with each other. But, I dont like it when it is solely for attention. I like it when it is because they want it.

7 Elephants Killed in Indian Train Crash

Seven elephants have been killed by a speeding freight train in eastern India, after two baby elephants strayed onto the tracks and older ones followed to try to save them.

Mario Batali Animatronic Doll

He walks, shakes a bottle of olive oil, and flips food over in his tiny sauté pan.

Which Would You Rather: Siriano vs Choo Crocodile Rain Boot Edition

The Jimmy Choo for Hunter rain boots, left, cost $425 and have been spotted on celebrities including Rachel Bilson, Naomi Campbell, and Hilary Duff.

Strat Guru: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Strat Guru: Do you want to use the internet more internet-ly? Then you need to work on your strat, and Alex Blagg's Bajillion Hits is here to help you out with that...

Photonic Fence Blasts Mosquito with Lasers

It may have seemed like a novel idea just a year ago, but an effective and marketable mosquito-zapping laser fence could be on the horizon.

Recordshop Tycoon [Game Battle]

Build up your music sales empire to become the greatest record shop in existence.

Family: 'Choking Game' Led to Teen Justin Butler's Death on Bowflex

The family of Justin Butler, a 16-year-old California boy who died after being entangled in a Bowflex exercise machine, now say they believe he had been playing the choking game.

Bizarre New Dinosaur Species Found in Utah

Scientists say theY've found two new dinosaur species in Utah that are among the most bizarre and "blinged out" ever discovered.

Ted Haggard Says Eddie Long Deserves Fair Hearing on Sex Allegations

The Rev. Ted Haggard says he knows what it's like to be falsely accused.

The Suicide Note Tome

A 35-year-old intellectual wrote a 1900+ page suicide note touching upon historical, religious, and nihilist themes.

2-Year-Old Sings Joanna Newsom

It's not clear who's being parodied here - Joanna Newsom, or precocious hippie 2-year-olds more generally. Either way, it all feels extremely culturally significant, at least as far as baby videos go. And cute! And, like, we all enjoy Joanna Newsom, right? Surely, there is no cause for alarm here. (Vulture, via Amanda.)

Ashton Kutchers Mistress Brittney Jones Is Naked

Um. There’s not much to add to that headline.

Legendary Mustaches, Real Tunnel Prison Escapes, Sadistic Experiments and More

Morning Dump is your AM guide to the best links on the web.

Netflix Hired Actors to Show up to Canadian Launch Event, Promptly Apologizes

Netflix's high-profile Canadian launch attracted a sizable crowd of enthusiastic consumers yesterday. As it turns out, however, many of the "consumers" who showed up for the Toronto event were actually paid actors.

Kristen Bell Used to Date 'Glee' Star Matthew Morrison

It's only a matter of time before she's on the show.

The Praying Dog

A religious dog keeps its head bowed for the entire duration of saying grace.

'Crap at My Parents House' -- Hilarious Finds from Mom & Dad's

Tumblr crap at my parents house collects the best of crazy finds from Mom and Dad's house.

New Meme: Confused Cupcake Keanu Reeves Eating a Cupcake

Leave it to a news organization in Taiwan to define the Tea Party platform for regular Americans.

West Virginia Gurls

Starring the great Lady Bunny.

Six British Men Arrested after YouTube Quran Burning

Six men from northern England have been arrested after they filmed themselves burning a copy of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11 and then posted the footage on YouTube.

Ines Sainz and the 25 Sexiest Sports Controversies of the Decade

Here are some of sports sexiest controversies over the past decade.

Similac Recall: Affected Product Numbers

The Similac formula recall has parents and caregivers worried that their products have been affected.

Soon-To-Be Banker Terrified Of Not Having Time To Score Chicks Breaks Out Thesaurus To Clarify A Few Things

He would like us to know that dames find him gregarious, erudite and witty.

The Definition of Forever Alone

What is this? I don't even...

Yes, Brooke Shields Can Still Fit into Those Calvin Klein Jeans

The 45-year-old model turned actress recently revealed she's still able to slip into the same pair of denims she sported at age 15 in her controversial Calvin Klein Jeans ad.

Infidelity Rumors Plague Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

We don't like to believe infidelity rumors about our favorite celeb couples when they first surface (it seems like everyone wished that the Jesse James an...

Joaquin Breaks Character

The big news today is that Joaquin Phoenix went on Letterman last night, this time not in character.

Family Guy: 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter

Peter racks up a huge tab at Mort's pharmacy and, unable to pay it back, offers to give Meg to Mort's son, Neil, as payment.

Bikini Car Wash Photos Get South Carolina Police Officer Fired

Two police officers in South Carolina participated in a 'Tits for Tats' charity bikini car wash at a tattoo studio this past Sunday. It didn't go well for them.

Warren Buffett: Build Moats like Jay-Z

If you want to be successful, you've got to build moats around yourself like Jay-Z, according to Warren Buffett.

Goldman Sachs Will Tell You Where You Can and Cannot Stick That

So! You’re an employee of Goldman Sachs and you want to date, mate or just rub up against one of your colleagues.

Family Guy: Model Misbehavior

When the Griffins take a trip to Lois' childhood home, Lois decides to finally pursue her childhood dream of becoming a model.

0Boxer Makes Gmail a Game

Fun with email!

Obama: Immigration Reform Unlikely Soon

Obama says he doubts immigration reform will pass Congress before the midterm elections in November.

Johnny Depp

Tim Burton wrote a poem about Johnny Depp.

Robert Pattinson Visits Kristen Stewart in New Orleans

New Orleans is quickly turning back into a prominent celebrity hotspot, and Robert Pattinson's presence there is said to be adding to the mystique.

Are Ex's Friends Sabotaging Elisabeth Moss?

'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss filed divorce papers in Los Angeles to end her brief marriage to 'SNL'er Fred Armisen just three days ago. And now things are getting messy.

Megalodon vs. Thunderbird Bargument

And now for the Bargument, as land-lubbers who think of themselves as the top of the food chain, which do we find more terrifying, Megalodon or the Legendary Thunderbird?...

Patrick Swayze's Wife "Caught Off-Guard" by Jennifer Grey's 'DWTS' Emotion

On Monday night's Dancing with the Stars premiere, Jennifer Grey teared up as she explained how dancing with partner Derek Hough reminded her of her Dirty Dancing costar Patrick Swayze, who died last year from cancer.

Estranged Husband of 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Arrested for Domestic Violence

This is not a good week to be a reality television husband.

Jodie Foster Defends Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson isn't exactly the most popular guy in Hollywood right now, but Jodie Foster still considers him a friend.

50 Cent Threatens Oprah Winfrey with a Knife

Who is Oprah Winfrey?  If you ask 50 Cent, he’d present to you a scraggly and adorable grey terrier that is fully equipped with a Twitter account to spit shockingly dirty wrath in human lingo.

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