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September 6, 2010

Piss Whiskey

James Gilpin, a researcher of biomedical technologies, has found a way to turn the urine of elderly diabetes patients into a type of malt whiskey. He collects the urine from old volunteers, including his own grandmother, and purifies it, giving a whole new meaning to the expression “piss drunk.”

William J Lashua's Birthday Party !

William thanks /b/ by adding, "Hey Internet, My name is William, and I love every single one of you. All of you are cool, nice, young people who spend part of their day looking at funny pictures. You are everything good in the world. This is even better than any other birthday than I’ve ever had. Thanks for the love." Congrats Internet! You've definitely made William the happiest man alive. Via

Star Wars Knit Dolls

The cute is strong with this one. These were made by a friend's mom for his birthday. He had an Etsy-gasm.

Midichlorian Rhapsody

This Queen parody almost makes the prequels okay.

Cat Cakes

There are cakes for every occasion, so why not one celebrating your favorite pet! Meow!!!

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