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September 2, 2010

Rube Goldberg Camp Graduates

Success! For kids aged 3-8, this is pretty awesome. (Via.)

6 Stocks That Could Double in the Next Year

Here's a look at six stocks that could deliver 100% returns in the next 12 months.

4Chan Uses Power For Good

After spotting a sad flyer looking for party participants, 4chan wanted to give WWII vet William J. Lashua a very happy 90th birthday, and started a campaign to send him birthday cards and well wishes. You can still get in on it, but you'll need to overnight your birthday card if you want it there on time.

Shannon Gaga

Shannon Gaga is the world's biggest Lady Gaga fan. Check out her Lady Gaga music videos.

Fake Science

A Tumblr devoted to wildly inaccurate explanations of natural phenomenon. It's science at a Juggalo level. Maybe if the Discovery Channel looked more like this, they'd stop getting all held hostage and stuff. Anyway, it's still more scientifically sound than the state curriculums of Kansas and Texas. Enjoy a petri dish filled with samples from Fake Science.

Doggie Pajamas

With footsies and everything.

90210 Dream Outfits

Most people don't find mom jeans and vests all that dreamy, but I do. Here's my compilation of best outfits from the stylistically revered '90s show.

Weezer Sells Out To The Mall

It looks like Weezer's upcoming album isn't named after the Lost character "Hurley" after all. It has come out that the whole thing was just a gigantic promotion to get you to buy Weezer's new back to school clothing line "Hurley Rocks You Back to School" with Weezer--a "fashion and music collaboration." Look out for Weezer's new line of Snuggies set to hit stores this Christmas.

Overenthused Otters

These otters are so full of youth and excitement!

Oil Platform Explodes: Vermilion Rig 380 Explosion: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Oil Platform Explodes: Vermilion Rig 380 Explosion: An oil rig 90 miles off the coast of Louisiana exploded earlier today. All 13 aboard are accounted for. The rig was apparently inactive, so the Coast Guard's unsure of the risk of another BP-lik...

Ping Fail: 5 Reasons to Avoid Joining Apple's Social Network: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Ping Fail: 5 Reasons To Avoid Joining Apple's Social Network: Ping, Apple's new iTunes-based social network, is just the worst. Barely functional, confusing, and boring, it's unclear how or why anyone would get excited about Ping. Here's ...

The Best Swedish Dance Band Album Covers

I would buy these albums for their covers alone, and I would imagine the music must be just as hilarious. They’re like the Beatles, only Swedish!

The Truth About Infographics

So, all those infographics? Turns out that it's all part of an incredibly sophisticated keyword-spamming operation! Which is convenient, because, honestly, we were all kind of getting a little tired of them. Here's an infographic to explain how the infographic-spam industry works. [UPDATE]

The Master Of Money Oragami

Finally, something I can do with my money besides spend it. These paper masterpieces are the work of origami master and minimalist, Won Park. Another fun fact about Won is that he lives in a garbage truck, but not just any garbage truck. It’s the nicest garbage truck you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. (via)

Paula Deen Eats a Lasagna Sandwich

Genius of a woman invents the lasagna sandwich (on garlic bread!) on the spot.

Executive Wookie

Chewbacca cleans up very nicely. It’s great to see him moving his way up on the corporate ladder.

Donut Escalator

And that's how you turn into Homer Simpson's doppelganger.

Will It Flush? Airplane Toilet Flush Test

The airplane toilet flush experiment involves running an entire roll of toilet paper down the aisle and attempting to suck the entire aisle-long stream down in one flush. Will it flush? find out.

A Collection of Tree Porn

In honor of the majestic vagina tree, here is what you've all been waiting for: a bunch of trees getting down to business.

Crazy Coffee Lady Describes Robbery Attempt

A woman getting coffee describes what happened when two robbers walked into a Shell gas station.

Peeping Tomcat

Stealth cat likes to peep through your windows.

Pulp Ravioli (NSFW Language)

If only this was a real commercial, ravioli would be flying off the shelves. This could be the best thing to happen to Chef Boyardee since their dinosaur shaped noodles.

Egyptian Panda Cheese Commercials

I see these awazing Egyptian Panda Cheese ads all over the internet, but I just want them all in one place so I can watch them over and over again.

The Geography of Sex

Unsurprisingly, Jersey is sexually unsatisfied and people in Iceland are bored and doing it constantly.

Party Likes It's 90210!

Never again will space and time be more accepting of shallow California teens than today, 9/02/10

10 Stocks Selling at the Deepest Discounts

Ford and Goldman Sachs are two among 10 stocks that may rise the most when the market rebounds.

Caution: This. Is. BATMAN.

Batman. Not Sparta.

Relative Size of 600 Hanna-Barbera Characters

Oh good, Scrappy Doo IS punting size.

Frustrated Corgi is Frustrating

Aww, poor stumpy corgi can't reach the ball. Even though it's RIGHT THERE.

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