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September 25, 2010

Kitten Massage Therapy

Nothing hits the spot like a kitten masseuse!


Sleepy baby bunny can't stay awake in the palm of your hand.

Ali Lohan Models Skimpy Clothes for Lindsay's Line

The non-fail sister, looking hot.

Bishop Addresses Charges, 4Th Suit Filed

Georgia pastor Eddie Long Friday publicly addressed allegations of sexual relationships with three boys, as a fourth lawsuit accused him of abuse.

Demi and Ashton: More Bombshells to Come?

Aww, they were my May-December romance dream couple.

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal Grows with Fourth Lawsuit Filed

A fourth man filed a lawsuit claiming sexual misconduct against Bishop Eddie Long today.

Rage Guy Hates Change

And carrying your books everyday.

Mad Mickey

Why does Japan get all the cool stuff?

Finally Fall

It just sneaks up on us.

'Blues Brothers' Mall to Be Demolished

Save our country's malls!

Watch King of the Hill : the Trouble with Gribbles

Nancy decides she needs a face-lift, and Dale comes up with a not-so-foolproof scheme to acquire the money.

Funny Police Sketches - Drawings of Funny Faces

Some of these belong in a Brooklyn art gallery.

Bishop Eddie Long Built Spiritual Empire before Sex Abuse Accusations

Embattled Bishop Eddie Long is not only the pastor of a megachurch but the leader of a spiritual empire who is unapologetic about his success.

The Secret of Attraction & More

It involves boobs.

Photonic Fence Blasts Mosquitos with Lasers

Now we just need one for bedbugs.

Seinfeld Superheros

It would be fun to imagine what superhero your favorite Seinfeld character would embody if they decided to leave the comfort of the Upper West Side for a life of fighting crime. Comic book artist Dave Wachter does just that in this awesome illustration. (Via )

Dow Adds Almost 200 Points

Relatively promising durable goods data and technical momentum helped spur the buying spree, as the Dow finishes up 198.

Facebook Photos of Stripper Car Wash Leave Cop Out of a Job

Where do police officers go when their fancy cruisers need some scrubbin' and lovin'? Why, a car wash run by bikini-clad strippers, of course!

Tiffany Taylor Gallery

Check out these arresting pics of Tiffany Taylor, a Playmate with a degree in criminal justice and some sick mugshots.

Katherine Heigl Struggling to Connect with Adopted Daughter

She and husband Josh Kelley adopted their first child, daughter Naleigh, from Korea in 2009. But Heigl says shes since struggled with finding the right path for her family.

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