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September 18, 2010

Backpack Identity Crisis

This backpack just can’t figure out what kind of a statement it wants to make. And with that, it’s making one all of its own.

Rejection Letter To Female Artist From Disney

Silly female, creativity is for men.

Marvel Characters As Cats

The fine folks over at geekosystems have more information on the awesome twitter conversation that inspired these artists.

Watch King of the Hill : Chasing Bobby

Hank is devastated when he realizes his cherished flatbed truck is on its last legs.

Antoine Dodson of 'Bed Intruder' Fame Bought House

Antoine Dodson accomplished his dream of buying his family a home away from the projects.

Kristin Cavallari Bears QB Jay Cutler's Girlfriend in Sexy New Shoot

Nothing like sexy photos to usher in Week 2 of the NFL season.

NFL Picks Week 2: 10 Shockers You'll Never See Coming

Unless you read this article, of course.

Young Kids Rarely Use Search, Spending More Time Online

Basically, no one uses the internet for educational purposes.

The Pig Equation: the Craziest Bacon Tattoo Ever!

Life's too short to not go all the way with your bacon obsession.

Badass TV Show Babe Pics

Playboy TV sends naked girls on extreme adventures.

Josh Brolin: I've Never Cheated on Diane Lane

I mean, have you seen "The Fabulous Stains"?

Coco Booty Cracks up on the Runway

Whoa. Mutant ass-cleavage!

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