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September 15, 2010

Top 10: Signs the Devil Exists

Some say that they know the Devil exists because they heard his album, My World 2.0.

Amy Yasbeck Reflects on 7 Years without John Ritter

Seven years ago, John Ritter collapsed unexpectedly on the set of his sitcom, '8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,' and died later that day of an undiagnosed aortic dissection.

Sofia Vergara: "I'm Grateful" for My 34DDs

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara has a figure most of us would kill for -- but she hasn't always been so pleased with her assets.

VMAs 2010: Wildest Fashion Ever!

Here, click through to see all Gaga's VMAs getups, plus the outfits worn by Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, and other risk-takers.

Was Ines Sainz 'Asking' to Be Harassed?

It's the question of the day, and perhaps the century: Was Ines Sainz, the self-dubbed "hottest sports reporter in Mexico," asking for it?

Jetpack Man Would like to Remind You about Halo: Reach

To promote the launch of Halo: Reach, Microsoft hired a guy with a jetpack to circle around Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square, while a small crowd watched.

USB Desktop Aquarium Tells Time, Holds Pens, Tortures Fish

From CubicleBot, the USB-powered desktop aquarium looks torturous for our piscean friends.

On 'Teen Mom,' A Modern Day Mommy Dearest

Teen Mom's Catelynn may have given her baby up for adoption, but she's still forced to be a mom -- to her own mother.

Tim Gunn Calls Taylor Momsen Pathetic

It seems like Taylor Momsen didn't "make it work" for Tim Gunn!

Unintentionally Inappropriate Saved By The Bell Screen Caps

Saved By The Bell was kind of fucked up. (All pics via LOL Slater)

UBS Energy Team Defects to Warm Embrace of Vikram Pandit?

Apparently, yes. We’re told the “majority if not everyone” from the Houston energy office, headed by Stephen Trauber and said to be considered “the best division at UBS,” walked out last night and is headed for Citi.

10 Fun Facts about Bewitched

Did you know they switched the actor who played Darrin halfway through the show?

Embarrassing Lawn Ornaments

As much you may hate plastic flamingos and generic gnome statues, just be happy these aren't your neighbors.

Just Holding an Alcoholic Drink Makes You Seem Dumb, Study Says

It doesn't take a Mel Gibson tirade to know that people say dumb things when they're drunk. New evidence shows that drinking is bad for your image even if you don't open your mouth.

Original Gaga

To the bus!

Top 10 Brain Foods

Feeling sluggish in the head? Like your brain isn't firing on all cylinders? You need to start eating some of these brain foods.

Gritty, Live-Action Pokemon Trailer

Yes it's fake or at least fan made. Do I care? No. I want this to happen.

The Pope Is Coming

Don't say you weren't warned. Hide your kids, hide your wine.

Words Words Words

Like puns and jokes that rhyme?

Championship Sports Bling

Sports ‘World Championship rings” are so diamond-encrusted, they’re worth more than your house (and all of your possessions combined for the next 10 years.) Here are a few examples of the most blingin rings from baseball, football, and hockey.

The Poor Decision Badge!

Unlike some of the other badge talk today, here's is a new button that BuzzFeed is actually offering!

Rumors of Acid Hoax Surround Victim Bethany Storro

Police are aware of growing media speculation that a Washington state woman who says a stranger doused her face with acid may have staged the attack herself, but they say their investigation is still open.

Tower Maintenance

This is a helmet-cam video from an engineer climbing a 1,768-foot broadcast tower.

Josh Brolin: I've Never Cheated on Diane Lane

Josh Brolin wants to make one thing very clear: he's never cheated on his wife, Diane Lane.

Snooki's "Mature" New Look!

Where's the poof?!

Arrested Development: The Movie

Arrested Development fans rejoice, your time has finally come. Well, sort of.

Edward Cullen Is Watching. Always Watching.

I'd like to take this moment to say, THIS IS CREEPY. NOT ROMANTIC. Via My Confined Space

Epic Unused Movie Poster Art

Artist Drew Stuzan has drawn some of the most memorable movie posters in modern times, but even some of his work ends up on the cutting room floor. (via)

First Mountain Dew Commercial

Well this is...something.

Play Guitar With Pavement!

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is running a contest asking users to upload videos of themselves doing their best Pavement rendition. The prize is any indie rockers dream, to play alongside Pavement on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. My friend, Kristina, has been selected as one of the top 5 finalists! check out her video and the others here!

The Most Prolific Singer On YouTube

Her heartfelt rendition of "A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend is only the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

Lady Gaga's VMA Dress Made Out of Real Meat!

The "Alejandro" singer joined Ellen DeGeneres for the season 8 premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday to explain her thoughts behind the very unusual dress.

Where Should You Pee?

Ur-ine in your car, ur-ine the shower, ur-ine the park – Pee dilemma? No worries, you can now consult this simple flow chart for all your pee needs.

Here Comes The New Twitter

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! Well, think again. Fast forward to the expanded version of You’ll never have to leave the site. Not another word necessary, the video says it all. (Via)

Seven Sexy Jews in Honor of Yom Kippur and the Jewish High Holidays

A list of sexy "mensches," - upstanding guys - in honor of the Jewish High Holidays, as Yom Kippur approaches.

Custom Super Mario World Proposal

This Super Mario proposal is even more creative than the first one. Of course she said yes! (Check SuperPunch for the full adorable story of how this worked.)

Israel Coughs up Cash for @Israel Twitter Account

The Twitter account @Israel has been sold to, and is now be run by, the government of Israel.

20 Most Distracting Sideline Reporters Ever

The Jets not only lost last night, but they are also being investigated for harassment. Now the question is going to come up about beautiful reporters and the uncomfortable issue of how athletes act around them.

'Wall Street' Sequel -- Greed Is Not Going to Be Good

In an apparent move to destroy any remaining shreds of his artistic credibility, Oliver Stone is releasing the sequel to his 1987 film "Wall Street" later this month."

Tahiticora, the Xbox Girl, Poses for Strobe Magazine

Tahiticora became an Internet sensation this past April, thanks in part to Asylum. (You're welcome, America). We shared a 90-second video of her playing Xbox in a thong.

Searching for 'Free' Content Is Risky, Often Tied to Malware

According to a new study from McAfee, searching for "free" things online can significantly increase your chances of landing on a site with malicious software.

First 10 Minutes of Easy A

Could it be that Easy A is a member of that now exceedingly rare breed, the clever high school movie? Or that even rarer breed, the female-led, clever high school movie?

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape Drops Her MTV High [PHOTOS]

Chelsea Handler did a wonderful job hosting the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and it looks like 2 days removed her world went crashing down.

Dumb Protest Signs

Protests bring out heated emotions, important debate and dialogue (sometimes), and the best and worst of a free society. But one thing they don't bring out? Copy editors.

College Football Rankings: Who Got Screwed in Week 2'S Coaches and AP Polls?

The Week 2 college football rankings featured plenty of movement, with Utah vaulting forward six spots in the AP Poll and Virginia Tech plummeting out of both polls after a shocking loss to FCS power James Madison.

Christine O'Donnell Pulls It Off

Christine O'Donnell is officially the Republican nominee for Senator in Delaware. This is the kind of disaster that happens when you refuse to take matters into your own hands. Feel free to leave your own masturbation jokes in the comments.

200 Lbs. Kraken Cake

*Insert kraken/cake is a lie hybrid joke here.*

Heidi Montags Bikini Fell off (Note: Not Really)

Heidi Montag is back in LA now, but today there are sexy new paparazzi pictures of her in Costa Rica last week.

High School High Fives May Be World Record

A Chicago-area high school is claiming the world record for high fives after a superintendent wearing a purple costume slapped it 1,363 times.

Boyz N the Ring

Boyz N the Ring is a parody of The Lord of the Rings in which gangsta hobbits help Gandalf defeat the ambitions of Sauron.

'Mary Tyler Moore' Actor Harold Gould Dead at 86

Harold Gould, who starred on 'Rhoda' and 'The Golden Girls,' passed away Saturday in Woodland Hills, Calif., after a battle with prostate cancer.

Resident Evil Afterlife Tops Box Office

The latest, most 3D-est installment of the Resident Evil franchise earned $27 million.

Nicki Minaj Comes OUT Again

Nicki Minaj, fresh off her first MTV VMA LIVE performance, is back in the news with her OUT magazine spread.

Monster Bike

You're doin' it wrong.

Time Travel Mart Is Open For Business

Part of a non-profit project to help encourage children with their creative writing skills. Stop by yesterday! (Via Laughing Squid.)

Twitter To Relaunch With Embeddable Features

Along with a bevvy of other features. Yay or nay? Via

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