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September 13, 2010

Tiffany Livingston, a Playboy Model, Tried to Jump Out of a Flight in Midair

Tiffany Livingston, a 21-year-old Playboy centerfold, was detained after trying to jump out of a JetBlue flight in mid-air.

BEST DRESSED: the 2010 MTV VMA's White Carpet

The VMA carpet is known for it's wild fashion. It's maybe the only red carpet where artist can let loose and get their creative freedom get the best of them. But this year.....ehhhhh.

College Administrator to Detox His Students from Facebook

Darr has a lot of blather and justification about how its an experiment to see how important it is to us and to look at the choices we make in the absence of Facebook, but come on, man.

Robots Taught to Deceive by Georgia Tech Engineers

The inescapable and unstoppable robots from DARPA and Boston Dynamics frequently incite nerdy references to Skynet and the destruction of humanity.

Mining For Survival

Just thinking about this is enough to cause claustrophobia.

Burglars Browse Facebook Status Updates for Empty Homes

Police have now confirmed that a group of burglars in Nashua, New Hampshire have indeed been using the social network to target victims and raid their homes.

Harrisburg University Bans Social Networking for Week-Long Experiment

The only blackouts most college students experience typically involve homemade absinthe and late night stomach pumps.

Lindsay Lohan Appears in Chelsea Handler VMAs Skit

Fresh out of jail and rehab, Lindsay Lohan made her first appearance back on the Hollywood scene during a scripted skit for Chelsea Handler's VMA entrance.

Baby Owls!

Baby owls take the cake when it comes to cuteness. With their big eyes and long fluffy fur, they hardly look real. Hoot! Hoot!

Dude, You Have No Quran

Jacob Isom: Amarillo resident, skateboarder, champion of Islam.

The Hobbit, In Like, Under Two Minutes

I feel like the nuance is captured perfectly.

Princess Leia Vs. Ace Ventura

A better Jedi than Luke and now a better shot than Han.

I Don't Remember Any of This in Marvel vs. Capcom

New trailer for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds introduces a new character, Tron Bonne, and features Captain America fighting a helicopter.

Trololololo Chiptuned

Remember the Eduard Khil music video from the 1970s that was a major Internet meme several months ago? It was chiptuned by YouTube user Robinerd so that it now sounds like a classic video game.

Dude, You Have No Quran

Best. Hippie. Ever.

X-Ray Pin-Ups

So yeah, x-ray vision might not be as cool as we all imagined. Via

Desperate Housewife Shows off Her Bikini Body for Charity

Teri Hatcher, 45, put on a sexy bikini to promote her charity work.

Are Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Back Together?

Since Miley returned to L.A. from Europe earlier in the week, she has acted a bit tired and worn out, the eyewitness says. With Liam back in her life on Saturday, she acted totally different and, instead, seemed very happy.

Punks In Love

Ahh Punk Love. There’s nothing more punk rock than being in love, right? We can just imagine what their first date was like. Take me out to The Casualties concert.

Alcohol Is Microscopically Beautiful

We all knew alcohol could make people look beautiful, but it seems we were overlooking the real beauty all along. (Via.)

Weezer Joins Auto-Tune The News

Weezer has teamed up with the Gregory brothers for their latest episode of auto-tune the news. Man, The Gregory Brothers are having quite the year. (Via)

The Companion Cube IS Real

After surviving the incinerator, it took to a life of train hopping and hobo-ism.

Courtney Love Covers "Bad Romance"

Her voice is interesting.

Ant Death Spiral

It’s called the death spiral because they continue to go in circles until they’re exhausted and die.

Teens Get Porn Shock During Blood Bank Presentation

More than 400 students from Norwin High School in western Pennsylvania got an unexpected eyeful Friday, when a big screen presentation on the importance of donating blood suddenly turned into an X-rated slideshow.

Band Of The Day: We Like Cats

Honestly with a name like that, who cares what they even sound like.

Lady Gaga Wins Big At VMAs

Last night Lady Gaga was at the top of her game, bringing home 8 awards including video of the year. She paraded down the red carpet in her usual outrageous form draped in what appeared to be a butchered cow. No worries, Gaga--you never disappoint!

If Google Maps Were Real

It looks like creative art has even found its way to Google. Alejo Malia has merged the technological world of maps with classic illustration. Art and social media finally collide. (Via)

You Were Born Too Soon

Now I has a sad. :(

Winter Is Coming

If there was one good thing about the True Blood season finale, it was the first look at HBO's adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series.

Upskirt: You're Doing It Wrong.

This is just weird.

Never Get A "Woody" Again

I am disturbed beyond all reason. (NSFW?)

Doctors Amputate Arm, Freeing Trainman

Physicians amputated the arm of a train engineer to free him from the wreckage of his derailed Union Pacific train in Fontana, Calif., authorities say.

Michael Douglas' Costars React to His Cancer Diagnosis

Susan Sarandon, Josh Brolin and Oliver Stone discuss Douglas' condition.

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