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September 26, 2010

Kim Kardashian and LaLa Vazquez Introduce New Baby [PHOTOS]

Spoiler alert: Her "baby" is actually her newest purchase of a stunning $250,000 Rolls Royce Ghost.

Pat Tillman's Brother to John McCain: "Pat's Not with God, He's F*ckin' Dead, He's Not Religious, He's F*ckin' Dead"

Pat's brother Richard is one outspoken character and, as it turns out, an atheist.

Watch King of the Hill : the Substitute Spanish Prisoner

After Peggy is conned into buying an expensive at-home Ph.D. course, she comes up with a plan to scam the scammers.

Tiffany Derry Wins Top Chef D.C. Fan Favorite

Everything's a popularity contest.

Jessica Alba Is Naked. In a Sense.

Jessica Alba with a bra on in the shower is still pretty fapworthy.

Minnesota Man Matthew Anderson Found in Las Vegas

"Honey, I was kidnapped" is a pretty good excuse.

UFC 119: Frank Mir vs. Cro Cop Live Blog, Results

A play by play (punch by punch?).

20 Things That Look Like Male Genitals

The girls don't want to be left out of all the fun. Hey guys, there's plenty of things that look like male genitals, so don't think you're off the hook. Let's see if we can match up to Tanner's definitive collection.

How Not to B-Boy -- the Ultimate Break-Dance Fails

What we can all learn from this clip: Remember how big the stage is.

Tropical Storm Matthew Likely to Become Dangerous Hurricane

The name Matthew always seems so innocuous.

Climate Scientists Looking to History for Clues to Global Warming

Instead of dwelling on the future, where everyone dies of some natural disaster.

Top 20 Most Hated Franchises, Programs, and Teams in Sports

There are logos in sports that can incite rage from mere sight.

Eddie Fisher, Entertainer, Dad of Joely and Carrie Fisher, Dies at 82

FYI: Eddie Fisher was the Justin Bieber of the 1950s.

Eleven Awesome, Epic, Terrible, and Hilarious Rap Movie Theme Songs

Shortly after rap music was invented it, movie studios realized that a movie rap was a great promotional vehicle.

Sarah Palin to Appear in "Dancing with the Stars" Segment

I hear it's a good way to make people take you more seriously.

Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan: Kissing Costars

Oliver Stone is a matchmaker.

Portia De Rossi Officially Becomes Portia DeGeneres

This clues us in slightly to their dynamic.

10 Ways Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna Are Just Alike

Kind of like how Kurt Cobain and Justin Bieber are.

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