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September 3, 2010

There Is a Horse in the Apple Store

This would be the best trip to the Apple store ever.

Yummy Soaps

Hungry? I wouldn’t set the table just yet. These soaps may look like a savory meal, but I would hate to think of the end result.

Images That Never Needed To Be 'Bubbled'

...But that I bubbled regardless. Enjoy, you mormon perverts.

Doooors (Game Battle)

A clever little puzzle platformer involving doors.

Harmony Korine for Proenza Schouler

Harmone Korine created this Super 8 film for Proenza Schouler's fall 2010 collection featuring jaded black delinquent teenage girls.

Paul The Intern Chats With The Jonas Brothers

Paul The Intern talks with the Jonas Brothers about The Human Centipede, Mel Gibson, and Justin Bieber choking on a cock.

Crazy Coffee Lady Dance Remix

The crazy coffee lady gave her testimony, and the internet responded accordingly. Now, here she is in all her remixed glory. (via)

Murloc RPG (Game Battle)

Just because Blizzard won't let you play as a Murloc doesn't mean you can' long as you don't mind dubious copy-right infringement.

The Great Chihuahua Escape

Every once in awhile, they show a real gem on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Pixel Purge (Game Battle)

Upgrade your pixelated little fighter to take on increasingly difficult waves of bad guys.

Camels Making Love

Ahh. Sweet, sweet love. If only they'd get a tent.

Pancake Carousel

Mmmmm, pancakes. Seriously though, this kid has an awesome dad.

Nintendo’s Verbally Abusive Wave Race Easter Egg

The GameCube version of the game contains an Easter Egg that unlocks pit crew voices who insult you while you play.

Puppy-Throwing Girl Caught In Bosnia

Bosnian police have identified the Puppy-throwing girl. After a video of a teenage girl throwing live puppies into a river was circulated online, Internet vigilantes went to work seeking clues about her identity. Armed with this information, police in the Bosnian town of Bugojno have identified the girl (a minor), who faces a $6,400 fine for animal cruelty.

Bar2D2 Is The Bartender Droid You're Looking For

Skynet is trying to gain our trust through liquor. And it's working! This year at DragonCon you can purchase alcohol from this little guy, or use these schematics to build your own.

Introducing the Chicken Diaper

And you thought the Dog Snuggie was as degrading as it could get.

Lesbian S&M in Slow Motion [NSFW]

You'll be mesmerized by the ripple effect on bare buttocks.

Kylie Minogue's "Get Outta My Way" Music Video

Kylie's amazing new music video for "Get Outta My Way" came out today!

How To Sell Books

The proprietors of the McNally Jackson bookstore have a knack for setting up end displays.

Sex Advice From Young Republicans

"If you can count your sexual partners without taking your socks off, that’s okay.

The Wildest Dream: Conquest Of Everest

Anthony Geffen's new documentary, "The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest," can be best described as a true love triangle. Here, though, the home-wrecking villian is Mt. Everest, the largest mountain in the world.

Thigh Highs

They're back! It's gonna be a thigh muffintop nightmare this fall.

Red Letter Media: Star Trek 2009 Review

Mr. Plinkett (the guy from those Phantom Menace reviews) returns!

Evolution in Action

Lizard moving from eggs to live birth.

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