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September 29, 2010

The New Jersey Life Of Macaroni Rascals

In Japan (and now in my heart) The Jersey Shore is called The New Jersey Life Of Macaroni Rascals! "Macaroni rascals" is the perfect way to describe the cast of The Jersey Shore.

Island Of The Dolls

The Island of the Dolls looks like the creepiest tourist attraction in Mexico. After seeing this, I don't think I'll ever think of dolls the same way again. Creeeepy! ( Via )

Avatar Porn Parody Packaged With Na'vi Fleshlight [NSFW]

It's a good day for Na'vi fetishists. Fleshlight is bundling their blue "Alien" Fleshlight with Hustler's new 3D Avatar themed porn parody. I'm hoping that if I post about it, they'll send it to me for free to "evaluate".

Dog Plays Fetch With Raven

An unlikely duo find a common ground with the game of fetch. It's love.

Sacred Semen

A site dedicated to the history of swallowing semen, from Before Christ to modern times.

Oh Hello, Weatherman

WABC's Bill Evans doesn't realize the camera is on.

Anthropomorphic Personification of College

Needs more red plastic cups. (Via)

Floating Cat Chorus

Beautiful cat singing in floating screens made possible by amazing special effects.

F*ck You (An 8-Bit Cee-Lo Parody)

The infamous Cee-Lo song, told from the perspective of a neglected NES.

Halloween Meat Head

Hungry on Halloween? Treat your friends to a little Meat Head, it's in vogue for the holiday! Head over here for the complete DIY guide to making a meat head of your own.

Handi-Snacks Cat

You, being a full-grown human, have stopped eating Handi-Snacks.

The "It Gets Better" Project

In response to a recent rise in gay teen suicides, Dan Savage has started the It Gets Better project. Participants are encouraged to make videos to gay youth telling them life really does get better after high school. You can upload your videos here!

Ride The HuffPost Sanity Bus

Arianna Huffington wants to give you a ride to the Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30th! She announced on her recent Daily Show appearance that whoever is in need of a ride can come to their office in Soho and take the official “HuffPost” bus. Score one for the people. You can follow the HuffPost Sanity Bus on Twitter for all the latest updates.

10 A-Rated Large-Cap Dividend Stocks

These ten highly-rated large-cap companies are trading close to consensus price targets but feature attractive dividend yields.

A Long Time Ago, In A Parallel Galaxy Far, Far Away

I'm not entirely unsure this isn't what's inside Lucas's mind.

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