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September 14, 2010

Heidi Montag: Yeah, They Float

Heidi Montag was in the waters of Costa Rico and almost had a wardrobe malfunction.

8 Dow Stocks Most Likely to Outperform

These eight Dow stocks are most likely to succeed in the long term, based on current valuations, returns on invested capital, and trailing shareholder returns.

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Our friends at Laughing Squid visited the one-stop-shop for all your time travel needs, The Echo Park Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles. It's got anything a past/future/modern day time traveler could ever ask for.

The 10 Most Overrated QBs Of The Last Decade

Mark Sanchez and Philip Rivers authored horrendous performances in their season openers last night on Monday Night Football.

Subway Station Heat to Warm Paris Apartment Building

They may be mild by Bostonian or New Yorker standards, but Parisian winters can still get pretty frigid.

11 Not So Manly Things About Football

These examples of less-than-Neanderthal behavior should be done away with before they completely destroy football's façade of toughness.

'Bachelor Pad' Finale

Who Won -- and Who's Still Dating?

I Think I'm Going to Stay Indoors...

I don't trust this forecast one bit.

Top 10 Reasons Why Ines Sainz Is A Story

Can we be honest? Let's be honest. The real reason the Ines Sainz story has gained traction is because media outlets can show the following pictures ad infinitum ("ass infinitum"?). Wolf Blitzer's beard is going to get all dewy from creep sweat. How about we just get it out of our system all at once?


If you ask me, I won't say meow. How could I? (ArtFagCity via @rcbth.)

Cute Girl Has a Catchy Dance - in a Viral Samsung Ad

I wanna warn you right now that this video, where a little girl's improvised dance turns into a bigger routine, is a commercial, because if you watch this whole thing and go "Awwwwww" and only then discover that it's selling you something, you might have your heart broken.

Spencer Pratt Arrested in Costa Rica

Will Spencer Pratt's latest antics land him in jail?

Baby Rocks Out To Matt & Kim "Cameras"

This baby just can't help but to dance along to this feel good song. Who can blame her, it's just so damn catchy. (Via)

Harry Reid Responds To Lady Gaga

The Senate majority leader tweets @LadyGaga about Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Celebrity Moles

There’s nothing that catches your eye like a mole. Whether they are round, square or abstract, these moles are famous.

Gold Prices Surge, Top $1,270

Gold prices were getting a lift Tuesday as investors bought gold as a safe-haven asset.

Help Me, Everything Bagel! You're My Only Hope

Flickr user A_Riddle perfectly duplicated the pose and costuming from a scene in Episode IV of Star Wars. Presumably Princess Leia has the grace not to get kicked out of the store for ordering this way.

Irish Hand Dancing

The latest dance crazy from Irish duo Up And Over It.

Watermelon Car

Obviously, a seedless watermelon.

Hot Reporter, Ines Sainz, Allegedly Harassed by the New York Jets?

Ines Sainz a female reporter was allegedly harassed at a New York Jet's facilities and the NFL is looking closey into the case.

Did Ines Sainz's Tight Pants Invite Harassment from the Jets Players?

How did Sainz even get those pants onto her body?

Stephen Fry's 'myFry' App Turns Linear Narrative into a Colorful Pinwheel

Available for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, Fry's new 'myFry' app breaks down his new autobiography into various sections, which are represented in an interactive colorwheel design.

'Modern Family' Star Sofia Vergara: I'm Grateful for My Breasts

Sofia Vergara knows what she's got and isn't embarrassed to say so.

World's Saddest IMDB Entry Anne Sellors Gets Gif Animation

A gif animation of Anne Sellors in Threads: Anne Sellors World's Saddest IMDB Entry.

University Bans Social Media

Students at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will have to temporarily kick their Facebook addictions. A week-long “social media blackout” is designed to make them think about their dependence on social media. I hope the university is also offering on-site paramedics to deal with the fallout.

Nadal Seals Career Grand Slam in NYC

Last night, Rafael Nadal became the seventh tennis player in history to achieve a career grand slam after beating Serbia’s Novak Djokovic in the final of the US open. Rafa, the best in the world, the best of all time!

Happy Birthday Mario Montage

Nintendo of Japan put together a quick history of our favorite plumber.

Playstation MoveMen

The PlayStation "MoveMen" are kind of freaking me out.

Roaming Vampires Promote True Blood

It may be a little late for the season finale, but it's still a viable marketing option.

Megan Fox Forgot Her Make up

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green took Brian’s son Kassius to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto yesterday, and as you can see, the great thing about dating a naturally beautiful girl is that she doesn’t have to wear make up or put on sexy clothes to look good.

Five Video Games Re-Enacted in Real Life

Here are five classic games acted out or recreated in real life.

Faces Of The Last Season Of Oprah

A new Tumblr blog dedicated to close-ups of Oprah's audience. This is going to be amazing.

Wife Says Husband Brian Wood's Last Act Saved Her and Their Unborn Baby

(Sept. 13) -- A heartbroken Erin Wood says that a last-second decision by her husband cost him his life, but saved her and their unborn baby from death in a highway accident. ...

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