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June 1, 2013

Color Film Of NYC From 1939

This film was apparently shot in NYC in 1939. Features scenes in Midtown, Chinatown, Harlem, and more locales around the city.

Collision Of National, NYC Immigration Bills Could Add Thousands To Voter Rolls

As lawmakers in Washington try to come to a compromise over the first major rewrite of the U.S. immigration law in a generation, cities across the country are moving forward with their own proposals including one that would give green card-carrying…

Michael Bay Reveals Hound For Transformers 4

As filming begins in New Mexico, Michael Bay is slowly unveiling new members of the 'cast' of his latest CGI-fest, 'Transformers 4'. And, as cars are the real stars of the franchise, the latest casting is a military tactical vehicle called 'Hound'.…

Here Are The Really Lurid Parts Of The Michele Bachmann Romance Novel

She might become a news anchor. She might host a game show. She might fall in love with a burly stalker who builds her a Jacuzzi and saves her from a gang of Kalashnikov-toting itinerants in eastern Russia. Most predictions about the future of…

10 Musicians You Should Be Following On Tumblr

There have been a gazillion things written about Daft Punk and Random Access Memories over the last week or so, but one of the best of them appeared this morning on the Tumblr of Montreal-based musician James Brooks, aka (formerly) as Elite…

Wonderful Tumblr Places Great Art In Ugly Rooms

Whether you’re in a wood-splintering warehouse in Lubbock or a storefront in Beverly Hills with three security guards, it’s always fun to think about how art would look if you encountered it in an unexpected setting. Nearly four decades after Brian…

10 Artists Who Destroyed Their Own Work

Remember that life-size dollhouse that Canadian artist Heather Benning created that we fell in love with? Well, it was recently burned to the ground — by the artist. We feature a photo of the abandoned barn turned candy-colored dream home in flames…

David Lynch Is On Vine Now –

It seems that David Lynch is more interested in making music, music videos, art, and coffee than films these days (we haven’t seen a new Lynch feature since 2006’s Inland Empire), so we’ll take whatever Lynch we can get—and that’s all the more…

Review: 'After Earth' A Fun Ride Into Hostile Territory

Every son, whether consciously or unconsciously, wants to impress his dad and wants to gain his father's respect. In the year 222 AE (after earth), after a series of cataclysmic events forced humanity to leave earth and settle on Nova Prime, that…

The 'After Earth' Inside Scoop

In the new movie "After Earth", a crash landing leaves father and son team Will and Jaden Smith stuck on the planet a thousand years after humans were forced to flee Earth. I got the opportunity to talk to co-screenwriter of "After Earth", Gary…

The First ‘Machete Kills’ Trailer Features Sofia Vergara Shooting Her Boob Guns [VIDEO + GIF]

It’s been some time now that we’ve been talking about Machete Kills. I mean, how long has it been since that Instagram picture of Alexa Vega has been up? How long has it been since we first saw the promotional posters of Sofia Vergara and Lady Gaga?…

4 Healthy, Summer Snack Ideas To Stay In Bikini-Ready Shape

Toast a slice of cinnamon raisin bread and top it with a smear of almond butter, sliced cherries, and a drizzle of honey. Wrap a few pretzel rods with organic sliced turkey such as Applegate Farms and top with almond butter. Top gluten-free rice crackers such as Crunchmaster White Cheddar Crackers with a dollop of roasted red pepper hummus and paprika for an easy appetizer. Slice up a bunch of radishes; toss in olive oil and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Store in an airtight container and munch on as a snack or toss into salads.

Chanel Earrings

Resort 2014: Chanel

Chanel Perfume Chain Necklace

Resort 2014: Chanel

We Hate To Admit It... But We Miss These '90s Talk Shows!

From Sally Jesse Raphael to Geraldo, these daytime hosts entertained audiences with dramatic surprises, trashy guests and bad hair

Novela - Drink - Thrillist San Francisco

If you like being called Ishmael, or you think you happen to live in both the best of times and the worst of times, then you definitely need to check out Novela, a SOMA cocktail spot with a menu from the former Gitane bar manager and the star behind…

The Last 33 Years As Told By CNN

The Cable News Network celebrated 33 years of 24/7 cable coverage Saturday.

Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, And Jennifer Lopez Are Performing At The Sound Of Change Concert This Weekend (A.k.a. The Best Concert Ever)

Beyonce. Ellie Goulding. Jennifer Lopez. Florence Welch (and the Machine). What do they all have in common? Aside from an obvious shared trait (being international superstars), all of these ladies will take the same stage for the Sound of Change…

Kathleen Taylor, Neuroscientist, Says Religious Fundamentalism Could Be Treated As A Mental Illness

An Oxford University researcher and author specializing in neuroscience has suggested that one day religious fundamentalism may be treated as a curable mental illness. Kathleen Taylor, who describes herself as a "science writer affiliated to the…

Ten Great Things About Being Alive

Seriously, some of the best feelings

Matt Smith Is Leaving "Doctor Who"

Matt Smith will be stepping down from his role as the Eleventh Doctor at the end of the year, after the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The 5 Most Amazing Things Accomplished While In Prison

Anyway, the basic idea behind a prison is to remove a nogoodnik from society for a while. Thing is, sometimes those nogoodniks manage to find a way to be successful even when they're behind bars. So successful, in fact, that it'll inspire you to…

11 Adorable Pokémon Cupcakes

After you eat them all, you should make a giant cake for Snorlax.

"All In The Family" Actress Dies At 90

Jean Stapleton died in her New York City home of natural causes, her family said.

Courtney Stodden Is Naked (Sort Of)

In a not entirely unexpected stretch up the ladder toward porn, eighteen year old Courtney Stodden finally got naked for the cameras. Fully naked except for the pearls. Only, she kept her modesty by keeping her nipples and box from showing. It’s…

'All In The Family' Star Jean Stapleton Dies At 90

Despite a lifetime career in acting, Stapleton didn’t attain stardom until she was nearly 50 years old, when All in the Family became a hit. Along with O’Connor, Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers, she starred on the groundbreaking show that aired from…

Fotos De Famosos De Pequeños: ¿Los Reconoces Cuando Eran Niños? (FOTOS)

Hay quien cuando crece sigue teniendo la misma cara. A otros cuesta reconocerlos.

Prada Saffiano Shoulder Bag

The latest viral buzz from

After Hagel Slaps China, China Slaps Back

(Newser) – When defense chief Chuck Hagel blamed China yesterday for cyberattacks in the US, it didn't sit well with some Beijing officials in the audience at a Singapore summit. "The United…

The 6 Most Aggressively Stupid Acts Of Human Endurance

The English language should have a word for that feeling when you simultaneously admire a person and are also completely baffled by them. That's how we feel about all of the people below. Each one did things that required extreme amounts of…

Kindergarten Graduation Brawl Breaks Out In Cleveland

CLEVELAND — A brawl that started over spilled punch at a kindergarten graduation ceremony Friday resulted in the arrest of eight people, authorities said. Police were called when one participant pulled out a pipe and another a hammer.

The World's Most Searched Porn Terms

You'll definitely be surprised with this one.

This Is What Pangea Would Look Like With Modern Geopolitical Borders

If you lived on the east coast of the United States, instead of having an ocean, you'd have Africa.

7 Things You Can Still Do After You're Dead

Why should the party stop just because your heart did?

30 Of Marilyn Monroe’s Smartest And Most Insightful Quotes

She embodied the stereotypical persona of the “dumb blonde,” but Marilyn Monroe was no dummy. Today is the actress’ birthday. Most people remember Marilyn as the bombshell with the bedroom eyes, but later stories and personal documents revealed a…

Children's Cancer Center Rebrands Chemotherapy As "Superformula"

They also redesigned the cancer ward to look like a Super Friends Hall of Justice. An amazing idea.

'After Earth' As Scientology Propaganda: What Critics Are Saying

Desolate planets, bubbling volcanoes and all that talk about overcoming fear: Is Will Smith's new movie trying to sell us something more than a good time?

The Greatest Breakup Letter Of All Time

We can all go home now. This wins the internet for today.

15 Signs You're A Disney World Addict

Everyone loves "The Happiest Place on Earth," but some people love it a little too much.

The Magician Who Wants To Cast A Spell On Hollywood (And Already Has On J.J. Abrams)

David Kwong helped design the magic in Now You See Me, and he's just getting started. Plus: Exclusive video!

Kendall Jenner Bikini: Kim's Little Sister Looks All Grown Up In New Model Shots (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Kendall Jenner is back in a bikini, but this time it's for her day job.

24 Chinese Pop Songs That Will Make You Homesick

Dust off that old Faye Wong and Jay Chou at Cashbox Karaoke. For C-pop fans in their twenties, nostalgia takes a different tune.

How Kanye West Out-Minimilisted The Beatles

They said it couldn't be done, but the album art for Kanye's Yeezus is actually more sparse than the White Album.

Box Office Shocker: Will Smith's 'After Earth' Narrowly Loses Friday To 'Now You See Me'

The two films are expected to stay in a close race for the weekend in a major blow for Smith; Sony is counting on the sci-fi adventure to make up ground overseas.

LOOK: Middle Child Syndrome Captured In One Incredible Photo

Some kids are thrilled to become siblings. Some are not.

Dan Harmon Says He's Returning To "Community"

The ousted creator and showrunner had been in talks with Sony to return for the sitcom's fifth season. Looks like the deal's been closed.

What Started As A Protest Over Trees In Turkey Has Escalated Into Violence

The government's response to a sit-in at a park on Friday has sparked widespread anti-government protests and violence that continued into the weekend.

TSA Gets Rid Of Full-body Scanners At US Airports

WASHINGTON –  The full-body scanners that caused an uproar for taking semi-scandalous snapshots of fliers at security checkpoints have been removed from America's airports.

Hair Idea: Kylie Jenner's Perfect Wavy Hairstyle

So, this morning in "new lows," I am sitting around feeling jealous of a 15-year-old's hair. Look at this shot of Kylie Jenner coming out of her NYC hotel yesterday. Holy wavy-hair perfection. Even you Kardashian dislikers have to admit that this…

The 10 Smartest Ads Of May

Some really creative work.

Vegetarianism As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Child

Luiz Antonio, an adorable toddler, explains why he's not going to eat animals. Makes a lot of sense to me. via NPR

Happy Birthday Azealia Banks - Azealia Banks Best Fashion Looks

See the rapper's edgy and playful style choices.

9 More Photos Saturated With Irony

Or at least...mild incongruity.

The 10 Albums You Need To Hear In June

The sun is out, your bedroom is already stinking hot, and suddenly the memory of snow seems less depressing than it does nostalgically inviting: yes, it’s summer! The advent of the summer generally corresponds with something of a drop-off in the…

One Walmart's Low Wages Could Cost Taxpayers $900,000 Per Year, House Dems Find

Walmart wages are so low that many of its workers rely on food stamps and other government aid programs to fulfill their basic needs, a reality that could cost taxpayers as much as $900,000 at just one Walmart Supercenter in Wisconsin, according to…

IRS Turns Over Video Of Employees Line Dancing To Congress

In the wake of the scandal over the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, the embattled agency has provided lawmakers with a video featuring about a dozen of its employees line dancing on a stage.

Joss Whedon Praises Shakespeare’s Female Characters, Wants To Make A Ballet About A Library

Acclaimed filmmaker and Buffy mastermind Joss Whedon hosted a screening of his newest film, a black-and-white, contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, last night at the always excellent Brooklyn Academy of Music. The…

Planes Collide North Of Phoenix, Arizona; 4 Dead, Fire Official Says

PHOENIX — Two small planes collided and then crashed in the desert on Friday, killing all four people aboard the two aircraft, officials said. Phoenix and Daisy Mountain Fire Department officials said the collision and crash involved two…

7 Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Week

Plus, one of the best cat videos (:28) I've ever seen.

iTunes Festival 2013 Lineup On EdIsAGenius' Blog

iTunes Festival just announced the first bands and artists of their 2013 edition. This year, lucky fans who will win their tickets (while others like me are going to stream it on iPhone or iTunes) will have the chance to see: Thirty Seconds To Mars Queens Of The Stone Age Jesse J Jake Bugg Phoenix (woo

After Weeks Of Abuse, IRS Agents Get Chance For Payback

Suppose you are an IRS agent who targeted Tea Party groups, sending them nastygrams that strongly suggested you thought that they weren’t just some Constitution-loving citizens, but rather liars who were just funneling money from well-heeled…

'Mad Men' Conspiracy Theorists Turn An Eye On Sharon Tate

What, if any, are the connections between Sharon Tate -- the gorgeous starlet wife of Roman Polanski, brutally murdered at age 26 along with her unborn child in the summer of 1969 by members of the Manson Family -- and Mad Men, the Emmy-winning AMC…

Tsarnaevs' Mom: Dzhokhar Says They're Innocent

(Newser) – The Tsarnaev brothers' mother is providing more details of her first conversation with Dzhokhar post-arrest. He told his parents that he and Tamerlan weren't involved in the Boston…

EXCLUSIVE CLIP! Teresa Palmer Gets Romantic With Nicholas Hoult In 'Warm Bodies'

Watch this iVillage exclusive clip from the Blu-ray/DVD of the film that hits stores on June 4

Amanda Bynes Is A Master Of Stealth

"They can't find us in the air, Benjamin Franklin. To the zeppelin!" Apparently after her arrest and court hearing, Amanda Bynes bolted to Buffalo because trampolines. TMZ reports: "Amanda had t …

Prancercize Is The Future Of Exercise! And All You Need Is A Bad Perm And A Camel Toe

There's really nothing to say. Just please, please watch this amazing lady!

Why 'American Idol' Won't Miss Judges Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj

The sparring judges have officially left the singing competition. But who will they fight with now?

The Most Obscure Easter Eggs From ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4

One of the many aspects of Arrested Development that makes it so friendly to super-fandom is Mitch Hurwitz’s penchant for saturating the show with internal references, rewarding dedicated viewers with jokes so dense that multiple re-watches are…

'Hitler' Tea Kettles Sell Out As J.C. Penney Removes L.A. Billboard

The furor over the Fuhrer-esque appliance has resulted in a run on the product -- despite the retailer's best efforts to put the controversy behind them.


The 14-year-old was spotted in New York City on Wednesday with his rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner. And while Jenner, 15, was dressed to deal with the New York heat in a sleeveless leopard print dress, Smith donned a mask and red and gold jumpsuit…

A Lesson For "Feminist" Andy Hinds: Here's How To Be Sexual Without Being A Creep.

Feminist writers and thinkers, including right here at Slate, have spent thousands of hours and untold numbers of words trying to debunk the myth that respecting women means hating sex—that our objections to sexual objectification and sexual…

11 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Portrait-Back Wedding Dresses

Fine, I don’t recommend buying a wedding dress without even looking at the front. But I’m pretty sure there are a few wedding dresses here that I would buy based on the rear view alone! Wedding Dress 1 Photo by:...

25 Off-The-Radar European Cities You Have To See

If you really want to broaden your horizons, don't go to Paris or Rome.

Monica Amestoy Sues United Airlines Over Masturbating Passenger

A California teenager is suing United Airlines after she said the company did nothing to prevent a fellow passenger from joining the mile-high club with himself.

Burn Your Bra, Then Burn It Again (36 Photos)

See the full gallery on

Selena Gomez 100 Hottest Women — Justin Bieber Lucky To Have Her Back

It's official (again!) -- after coming in second on the 'Maxim' Hot 100, Selena made the top ten of another 'Hottest Women' list! Justin better be thankful he finally won her back, right? We're not...

Actual Lesbians React To "Lesbian" Porn

These girls are all "hot and bothered!" Really, really bothered.

A Former Scientologist Reviews 'After Earth' (Guest Column)

Ex-church member Marc Headley says Will Smith's latest contains language, concepts and imagery plucked directly from the L. Ron Hubbard playbook.

Want To Get The Guy? Ready For Love's Matthew Hussey Knows What You Need To Do.

3. Linger on the adult channel a little while. Hussey says, “Many people see adult entertainment as cheap, dirty, and unnecessary. But the truth is, watching it with your partner can be a huge catalyst for an amazing sexual experience. I think a large part of why some people are shy about doing… Notice what all of Hussey’s tips have in common? Trying new things with your man to spice things up! I’ll be the first to admit that when I find something I like, I stick with it. And that rings true for everything in my life. If I had a mouth-watering meal at a local restaurant, I’ll order the same thing every single time I return. If I find a flattering blouse, I’ll buy it in every color. And when I find a sex position that, without fail, makes me orgasm or his toes curl, you better believe I’m repeating it. But every now and again, when I feel adventurous, I’ll try something off the specials list. Or shop at a new store. Or twist myself into a pretzel because, hey, I haven’t done that before. And you know what happens? My mind is blown and I’m left wondering why I hadn’t had these new experiences earlier.

Are You An Old Soul?

Is your soul older than your body? Did you start out as a cynical baby and turn into a wise teenager?

Adam Levine Explains "I Hate This Country" Comment On The Voice

The Voice mentor received immediate backlash after muttering "I hate this country" when his two finalists were voted off. He's not the only celeb accused of being unpatriotic

Bikinis...bikinis Everywhere!! (55 Photos)

Summer has now officially arrived. And that makes me very happy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

17 Signs You Are An Obsessed "Star Wars" Fan

"May the Force be with us."

After Earth: Will And Jaden Smith's Cutest Moments In GIFs

The father-son acting duo loves to ham it up on and off-camera

The Secret To Happiness According To Mandy Moore At The Women Deliver Conference

I’ve spent the past several days at the Women Deliver conference in Malaysia, where brilliant people like Chelsea Clinton and Melinda Gates gathered to talk about how to make the world a better, safer place for women. It’s a pretty awesome…

Julius Richard Petri, Microbiologist, Is Honored With Google Doodle

Julius Richard Petri, the 19th-century German scientist, is the subject of Friday's Google Doodle. If you've never come across his name before, you've certain heard of his namesake. The slightly stomach-churning Doodle features the famous Petri dish.

Amanda Bynes Lashes Out At Perez Hilton: 'Kill Yourself' (UPDATE)

Amanda Bynes’ feud with Perez Hilton reached new heights on Thurdsay, when the troubled actress tweeted that the blogger should “kill [himself].” @perezhilton no one wants to suck your dick!

VIDÉO. Une Intermittente Interrompt L'émission De Cyril Hanouna Sur D8 Pour Annoncer Des Baisses De Salaire Chez Canal

TÉLÉVISION - C'est un fait plutôt rare qui s'est déroulé en direct lors de "Touche pas à mon poste" jeudi soir sur D8. Une intermittente de la chaîne et collaboratrice de l'émission a interrompu Cyril Hanouna pour faire passer un message:

MAC Debuts All About Orange Collection For Summer

Retire red and put aside pink, M.A.C's latest "All About Orange" line celebrates summer's call for experimenting with new colors during your day-to-day primping. The collection, out June 6 in stores and at, boasts 18 lip, face, and…

Jaden & Will Smith: ‘After Earth’ Premiere With Jada, Willow, & Trey!

Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith attend the premiere of their new movie After Earth on Wednesday (May 29) at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City. The father-son…

Zooey Deschanel & Mindy Kaling: Variety Emmy Studio!

Laura Dern, Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel, Kat Dennings, and Jane Levy pose for a picture together while visiting the first day of the Variety Emmy Studio on Wednesday (May 29) at Palihouse in West Hollywood, Calif.

Gisele Bundchen Covers ‘Vogue Brasil’ June 2013

Gisele Bundchen shows off her rockin' bikini body on the cover of Vogue Brasil's June 2013 issue. The 32-year-old supermodel was photographed for the feature…

Heidi Klum Got Attacked By Topless Protesters

Because Germany is a silly place, Heidi Klum was attacked by two topless protesters while filming Germany’s Next Top Model. As for what they’re protesting, who the hell knows? They wrote “Heidi Horror Picture Show” and “Sadistic Show” on their…

Rihanna Disses Amanda Bynes On Twitter — Rihanna Retweets ‘I’m Not Crazy’

Don't mess with Rihanna! It's round two in the Rihanna/Amanda Bynes Twitter feud, and this time Rihanna is taking the first shot. Chrissy Teigen may be too polite to respond to an Amanda Bynes diss...

Robert Pattinson’s Type After Kristen Stewart — Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Robert Pattinson, 27, spent the past five years dating Kristen Stewart, a gorgeous, brunette beauty with a tomboy streak. Now that the couple has split, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Rob has become a fan of a different kind of…

Kristen Stewart Not Happy After Robert Pattinson Split — Smiles Are Not Genuine

Kristen Stewart was spotted putting lip balm on as she went out for some pizza with her friends in Los Feliz on May 27, according to X17 Online. Despite the fact that she and Robert Pattinson are not talking after their breakup, Kristen was smiling…

INTERVIEW] Portia De Rossi’s Plastic Surgery Before & After — She Responds

After 'Arrested Development' fans reacted to her different appearance and doctors told us they think she's had work done, Portia herself is speaking out, saying she isn't trying to chase her youth....

Morning Dump: 5 Romantic Products For Ending Relationships And More

This is a collection of 15 great stories from some of our favorite sites around the web. Those of us in the industry call it a “link dump.” We call it “Morning Dump” because it’s early and we’re immature. Click the pics to read each article.

Big Asteroid Buzzes By Earth Tomorrow

(Newser) – Backyard astronomers, ready your telescopes. A big asteroid is about to zip by Earth, with its closest approach coming at 4:59pm Eastern tomorrow, says NASA. The rock will be 3.6…

Syria Says It Killed A Michigan Woman

(Newser) – An unconfirmed report on Syrian TV says government forces killed a woman from Flint, Michigan, along with a British man and another unidentified Westerner, reports CNN. Syria's official…

Prance Me Up From Prance Or Die And Funny Or Die

White pants bond us through the ages.

Deadly Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma City Metro Area

Updated: A violent storm formed west of Oklahoma City late Friday afternoon and produced several tornadoes that left at least eighteen people dead, officials said. A Weather Channel employee is among the injured.

Backstage Pass: All Time Low 'Spring Fever Tour' Interviews On Sara Scoggs' Blog

kWidget.embed({ flashvars : { 'playlistAPI':{ 'autoPlay': false, 'autoInsert':true, 'kpl0Url' : '', kpl0Name :…

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