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June 19, 2013

38 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Need to make a corgi smile? Here are 38 things that could help. This post is dedicated to one of the biggest corgi lovers BuzzFeed has ever known (and coming from us, that's, like, the highest possible compliment): Michael Hastings.

Karl Lagerfeld Spends His Spare Time Doodling Naked Men, Just Like The Rest Of Us

Just in time for the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil, Karl Lagerfeld has sketched a few pastel portraits for Germany's soccer/fashion hybrid magazine, Sepp . (Yes, you read "soccer/fashion hybrid" correctly.)The illustrations include a soccer-playing Gisele imagined and a nude portrait of 21-year-old Brazilian soccer star Oscar. You'll only need one guess as to where he's holding his soccer ball.

FBI Director: "You're Right The American People Are Frustrated" Over Secrecy Of FISA Court

FBI Director Robert Mueller testifying on Capital Hill Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee responded to a question about Americans gaining trust from redacted versions of FISA court opinions by saying "you're right the American people are frustrated." Mueller added that the ODNI was looking at the possibility of releasing redacted copies.

It's Ridiculously Hot In Alaska Right Now

It might not be as bad as actual places that are actually hot, but remember, they don't have many air conditioners in Alaska. It's the hottest heat wave in the state since 1969, Jeff Masters, meteorology director of the online forecasting service Weather Underground, told the AP.

Eva Chen Named New Editor At "Lucky" Magazine

Chen, formerly Teen Vogue's healthy & beauty director, had been consulting for the magazine alongside Condé Nast's new creative director Anna Wintour. In a statement, Wintour applauds her as "the quintessential Lucky girl... [and] a woman of tremendous talent and experience." She replaces Brandon Holley, who'd been with the magazine since 2010.

Missing Michael Hastings

One of the great reporters of his generation died Tuesday at 33. The stories he wrote, and the ones he didn't live to write.

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