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Update: Boxer, Feinstein Call For End To California's Vaccine Exemptions

The California Democrats say there should be "no such thing" as a philosophical exemption. California has had a recent measles outbreak — and, in general, few Democrats in the state are totally clear on whether the exemption should end.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

We Asked A Lot Of Likely 2016 Candidates Two Questions About Vaccinations

Most still don't have clear answers. Carson, Cruz, and Rubio are most specific.

Rosie Gray 4 years ago

Senate Democrats Leave Door Open To Skip Netanyahu Speech

Only one senator asked by BuzzFeed News — Sen. Ben Cardin — said he'd definitely go.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Top Democrat On Benghazi Committee: Gowdy Knew Hillary Clinton Would Testify Months Ago

Things are getting heated. UPDATE: This post has been updated with Gowdy's response letter.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Sen. Al Franken Sent A New Letter To Uber Calling For Better Answers On Its Privacy Practices

Sen. Al Franken is following up on quesitons he felt were unanswered in Uber's first letter. "I was—and still am—concerned about the lack of detail in the response."

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Reported Charges Against Bergdahl Do Little To Sway Lawmakers' Opinion On Prisoner Swap

"Our ethic is that we don't leave soldiers behind in the hands of our opponents. We get them back," Sen. Jack Reed told BuzzFeed News.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Senate Subcommittee Drops "Civil Rights And Human Rights” From Name

Sen. John Cornyn, now the chairman of the subcommittee, decided to change the name. "The name of a subcommittee speaks to its priorities," one Senate Democrat aide said.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Bipartisan Letter To Health Secretary: Explain Why Obamacare Website Is Sharing Data

The letter is signed by the House Oversight Committee's top Republican and Democrat.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Harry Reid Expects A Quick Recovery From Eye Surgery

Reid said he's "doing fine" after his accident earlier this month, and added that he still intends to run for re-election in 2016.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago Restricts Access To Personal Data After Privacy Concerns Surface

The website, which serves as an online market exchange for health coverage, was sharing some details about its users with third party data firms. But an Associated Press analysis on Friday found that the site had new restrictions on the data it was sharing.

Senate Homeland Security Chair: DHS Shutdown Wouldn't Hurt National Security

Sen. Ron Johnson explained why a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security wouldn't be so bad.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

GOP Congressman: Attacks In Paris Show We Need To Secure The Canadian Border

"To me it could be more likely that our threat could come in from Canada on our open borders there as well," Rep. Lou Barletta said. A major focus of this week's joint Republican retreat has been addressing U.S. immigration policy.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

GOP Congressman: Mitt Romney Can Raise "$1 Billion To Beat Hillary Clinton"

Romney called Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Saturday to talk 2016.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Police Union Still Lobbying Congress On Adding Cops To Hate-Crimes Law

At least one Republican would look at the legislation.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

French Ambassador: No Senior U.S. Official At Rally Is An "Intra-American Controversy"

The White House said it should have sent someone with a "higher profile" to the event.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Top Police Union Calls For Expansion Of Hate Crimes Law To Cover Cops

The Fraternal Order of Police represents more than 330,000 officers.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Joe Biden Had The Most Awkward Interaction With A Senator's Daughter

Biden had to swear in all the elected and reelected Senators on Tuesday.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Lyft: We Have "Better Ways" To Show Off Than By Accessing Journalist Data

Lyft responds to a request from Sen. Al Franken for more information on its privacy practices. Uber responded to a similar request last month.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

NYC Labor May Break With Police Union

Labor has been silent so far about Patrick Lynch, the police union leader who is publicly campaigning against Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Jacob Fischler 4 years ago

Eric Garner Case Prosecutor May Run For Congress

Daniel Donovan's campaign could reopen the debate over the grand jury proceedings for Daniel Pantaleo. A police union offers early support.

Katherine Miller 4 years ago