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Miley Cyrus Had Some Lesbian Moments In Her New Video

Miley got down with her girlfriends in her new music video for "We Can't Stop". Enjoy.

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1. When she and this girl booty slapped in the bathroom:

2. When she twerked for her friends:

3. When she made out with a doll:

4. When she sweetly hugged this girl in the pool:

5. When she had a great time grinding on this girl:

6. When she did this:

7. When she grabbed this girl's but while grimacing:

8. When she wrestled that poor purple-haired girl to the floor:

9. When she grabbed her friend's boob while licking her shoulder:

Is this the same purple-haired girl that she was previously so violent towards?

10. When she was extremely surprised to find this girl standing behind her:

Almost positive that's the purple-haired girl.

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