19 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You Work Out

Too hooked to your Netflix account to go outside? No one has to know…

Let’s be honest: Going to the gym is the worst.

But these days, it seems like being fit is trending faster than twerking videos.

So here are some easy tricks to save yourself some money and pain.

1. Litter your social media with pictures of all your workout swag. The more colors the better.

You can hide your baggy T-shirts and sweats under the bed.

2. Then take selfies of you wearing your outfits.

3. If you don’t want your less-than-sculpted arms to give you away, definitely go for the shoe shot.

4. If you’re really dedicated, you can take some shots next to gym-y things.

5. Wear your clothes outside the gym.

It says, “I’m ready to pump iron at the drop of a hat.”

6. Get ahold of a gym keychain.

7. Tweet your run updates regularly.

I crushed a 5.5km run with a pace of 6'47" with Nike+ iPod. #nikeplus: http://t.co/j4XljvGJ4f

— Juan Roto (@rotojuan)

Juan Roto


I crushed a 5.5km run with a pace of 6’47” with Nike+ iPod. #nikeplus: http://t.co/j4XljvGJ4f

8. Or download a running app and just drive around.

…Maybe to McDonald’s?

9. Constantly remind people “how sore you are.”

Natalie Morin

10. Take pictures of everything you eat.

11. Let people know that you’re really into juices. Especially green juice.

12. And “healthier” water.

13. And “skinny” versions of things.

14. Insist on splitting meals when you go out to eat with your friends.

Sergio Fuentes / Via facebook.com

15. And always ask for your salad dressing “on the side.”

I especially hate when people don't listen when you're on a specific diet. If I want salad dressing on the side. Put it on the side.

— The Nono ɰb (@notmepaaaal)

The Nono É°b


I especially hate when people don’t listen when you’re on a specific diet. If I want salad dressing on the side. Put it on the side.

16. Give your friends some daily doses of “fitspiration.”

17. But give constant reminders that staying fit is not an easy life.

#fitgirlproblems, am I right?

18. If all else fails, then get your DIY on.

Natalie Morin

19. …Or just go to the gym.

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