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June 11, 2013

San Francisco's Tech Tax Breaks Are Broken

Spotify is set to receive San Francisco's so-called "Twitter tax breaks" in exchange for "giving back" to the community. Meanwhile, the city has shut down the means to keep companies accountable.

The "Awkward" Cast Reflect On The First Half Of Season 3

Fans were delighted to find out Awkward got its first 20-episode order for Season 3 — but they now have to contend with a several-month hiatus. In advance of tonight's midseason finale, I visited the set to chat with the cast about the drama-filled first 10 episodes.

The ACLU Is Suing The NSA

The advocacy organization — and Verizon customer — is fighting the metadata-collecting program uncovered last week in the Guardian.

Turkish Government Moves To End Weeks-Long Protests

The prime minister told protesters they would "pay a price" and said he'll meet with protest leaders Wednesday. Dramatic photos from the past two days as riot police attempt to push demonstrators out of Taksim Square.

Child Dies In Accident At Hugo Boss Outlet Store

A four-year-old boy died from injuries sustained when a large mirror in the Hugo Boss store at Bicester Village, an outlet mall in England, fell on him. The Boss party scheduled during next week's London menswear shows has been canceled "out of respect for the family" involved.

Celebrities You Love To Hate

We all have that one celeb that we can't stand even though everyone else loves them. Share the celebrity you inexplicably hate in the comments below!

Corporate Transparency

Lululemon shocked Wall Street for the second time in four months with the surprise announcement that Chief Executive Christine Day would be leaving the company.

11 Things You Didn't Know About Abraham Lincoln

Despite the Steven Spielberg movie, despite all the books about a figure supposedly written about more than anyone besides Jesus Christ, yes, there are things you probably don't know about him. Here are a few from Rich Lowry's new book, Lincoln Unbound.

Who Is Chelsea Manning?

Chelsea Manning, the Army private who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for releasing explosive records through WikiLeaks in 2010, will now be released on May 17. Here's a look at the person behind the biggest leak in US history.

H&M's New High Fashion Collaboration Is With Isabel Marant

French designer Marant will produce a boho "rock chic" collection for the fast fashion retailer — including womenswear, accessories and her first menswear designs. In stores this November, it'll all inevitably sell out in minutes and you'll then be forced to buy pieces on eBay at outrageous markups. So start saving now.

Turkish Riot Police Enter Taksim Square

Hundreds of police in riot gear moved easily past barricades in Istanbul's square early Tuesday. Many of the protesters, who had occupied the square for more than a week, were pushed into nearby Gezi Park.

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