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    25 Places Where You Should Totally Make Out

    Mwah mwah MWAH.

    1. In a sweet treehouse.

    2. In a library.

    3. In a cheeseburger bed.

    4. On a rooftop.

    5. On a rooftop IN A BED.


    7. On the beach in a hammock.

    8. On the beach in another hammock.

    9. In a super fancy bathroom.

    10. In a super futuristic bedroom.

    11. In a lagoon.

    12. In a keg-bed.

    13. On a cliff.

    14. While camping in a tree.

    15. In a movie theater.

    16. In a pool.

    17. On a carnival ride.

    18. In a rowboat.

    19. While playing Laser Tag.

    20. In a gigantic, luxurious cabin in the woods.

    21. In a cozy, normal cabin the woods.

    22. In front of a national treasure.

    23. On a secluded bridge.

    24. In the backseat of a car.

    25. In your own bed, you weirdo.