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    Definitive Proof Hanna Marin Is The Best Pretty Little Liar

    "I wear three inch heels, or I wear nothing."

    She'll do anything to protect her BFFs.

    And her hacker boyfriend.

    Hanna says everything the viewers are thinking.

    Because she is the voice of the people.

    She really knows the best cure for a breakup.

    And gives some solid advice.

    Hanna gives no fucks.

    She'll do whatever she wants because no one is the boss of her.

    And she's not afraid to live on the edge.

    She does the most ridiculous things at inappropriate moments, but you can't help but laugh at her choices.

    Especially when she says something so outrageous.

    Hanna exudes self-confidence, and you respect that about her.

    She also understands the importance of a cell and the impact of its existence on society.

    Once in a while, she'll drop a line full of wisdom.

    Or not.

    Hanna is borderline genius, in her own WTF kind of way.

    It's not her fault biology is hard.

    Sometimes she doesn't quite understand phrases, but you appreciate her effort.

    Because at least she's trying.

    Hanna asks some pretty legit questions that we would all love the answers to.

    And she's really good at threatening a person with a play-on-words.

    Last but not least, she has the hottest boyfriend on the show.