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    Posted on Jun 11, 2013

    Watch This "What Would You Do" Clip And Have Your Faith Restored In (Some) Humanity

    Strangers in a dress shop where a trans teen tried on dresses for prom were actually supportive.

    On ABC's "What Would You Do," actors enact controversial scenarios to see how people around them react. During this episode, actors portrayed a trans teenage girl trying on dresses for prom, a supportive mother, and a less-than-supportive father.

    The customers at the store were kind of amazing.

    Here's one woman who confronted the angry dad about his behavior:

    But what's more, she treated the teen like any other girl.

    She focused on getting her a dress that looked good on her. It was really sweet!

    And then she dropped this truth during her interview:

    Yes, yes, you are.

    And this guy was also super supportive when the girl complained about her dad to him:


    Good job, unsuspecting strangers. You set a great example for the rest of the world.

    Watch the whole video below:

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