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    22 New Ways To Use Your Printer

    Put that hunk of plastic to better use than just printing out your ticket confirmations.

    1. Paper Napkins

    Leave the napkin folded once to create an adequate thickness to run through the printer. Get the directions here.

    2. Clear Labels Using a Laser Printer

    3. Printed Burlap

    4. Wood Signs

    5. Used Dryer Sheets

    6. Sew-In Clothing Labels

    7. Paper Bags

    8. Nail Decals

    9. Wax Paper Transfer

    Print a design on wax paper and rub it onto the surface of your choice. Get the directions here.

    10. Permanent Decals with Waterslide Decal Paper

    11. Freezer Paper Transfer to Wood

    12. Shrinky Dinks for Inkjet Printers

    13. Fabric Transfers with Shipping Labels

    14. Vellum Sheets

    Here's a gorgeous example of photorealistic butterflies printed on vellum sheets to make a gorgeous display.

    15. Frisket Paper Stencils

    16. Vellum and Acetate Printed Luminaries

    17. Fabric Transfers Using Citrasolv

    Apparently, you can transfer black-and-white printed images to fabric with Citrasolv. Get the tutorial here.

    18. Paint Chips

    19. Tissue Paper Photo Canvases

    20. Mulberry Paper for a Distressed, Vintage Look

    21. Temporary Tattoos

    22. Fabric Printing with Freezer Paper

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