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June 27, 2013

Steve King Apologizes To Marco Rubio

The immigration reform hardliner says he feels badly so many personal attacks were levied against Rubio during his rally to protest the Senate immigration bill. "It was not my intent for him to be the personal target of criticism," King said.

Missoni Plane Found, Bodies Remain Missing

The plane carrying Vittoria Missoni, marketing director of the Missoni label, that disappeared in January was found Thursday morning in the waters north of the Los Roques archipelago in Venezuala. Six passengers were on the plane when it went down, and all six remain missing.

Coming Soon: "Breaking Bad" Beer

Marble Brewery will be selling an India Pale Ale called "Heisenberg's Dark" during the final season. Sadly, only in New Mexico.

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How Glenn Greenwald Became Glenn Greenwald

Before he was the Guardian's eyes on the National Security Agency, Greenwald was a Manhattan litigator with an itchy trigger finger. "He doesn't care if the entire world hates him."

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