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    A Typical Day In The Life Of A Martian Colonist

    Humans can't let rovers have all the fun! Space exploration is gearing up to go to Mars...and beyond.

    This is your home.

    It might not look like much, but the view* is amazing.


    Each day you wake up in total darkness until the alarm to goes off.

    Time to roll out of bed!

    All that art from aspiring astronauts back home reminds you why you're here.

    Everyone else is already up, their bedrooms empty. Better hustle!

    First, get your daily dose of blue light therapy.

    Part of the experiment, light therapy helps combat depression.

    Breakfast is gourmet egg crystals...again.

    Break a sweat to keep your muscles from atrophying. At least 45 minutes a day.

    Hop in the shower because nobody wants your gross B.O. in the space suits.

    Get your daily chores from the whiteboard...

    And head to the office.

    Ugh, someone always brings their pet to the office.

    This furry little is guy is part of a project to see how well robotic pet do as companions on long missions.

    Not everything can be done from inside HI-SEAS, so outside you go to collect some samples.

    You were outside for hours! Bathroom break.

    You drop the samples off at the lab.

    And head over to the mess hall to grab some dinner.

    Before mandatorily* weighing yourself.

    *As part of the food study to make sure astronauts are maintaining a healthy mass.

    Then it's time to chillax on the inflatable furniture and unwind before bed!

    HI-SEAS Main Floor Plan

    HI-SEAS Sleeping Loft