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Who Cared The Most About The Government Shutdown?

Although all Americans are glad the government shutdown is over, some are happier than others. BuzzFeed's Data Science Team used Facebook's Keyword Insights API to find out who talked the most about the shutdown.

Jake Levy 6 years ago

America's Sexiest States

BuzzFeed ranked states by how often people there have sex (practical sexiness) and how sexy they are (superficial sexiness). Could be a good reason to move — or at least take a vacation.

Jacqueline Yue 6 years ago

Why Are Texans Such Dirty, Dirty Football Players?

Among other findings, a look at personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct data from the past 10 years turns up a LOT of aggression in the Lone Star State and the allegedly relaxed West Coast.

Jake Levy 6 years ago

Are People Talking More About Miley Cyrus Or Syria?

Over the last couple weeks, you probably saw a lot of news about two things: Miley Cyrus and Syria. But which story did people really care about most? We used Facebook's new Keyword Insights API to analyze what people were talking about, and exactly who was doing the talking.

Jake Levy 6 years ago

How Do People Fall In Love?

We broke down the stats on when and where relationships start, as well as how the successful ones progress from there.

Andrew Gauthier 6 years ago

The World's Most Vice-Prone Countries

Pick the habits you like and kick the rest! An interactive ranking of countries according to all the things mommy told you not to do.

Jake Levy 6 years ago

Brain/Heart Matrix: May Round-Up

Find out which BuzzFeed stories from May blew up on Twitter (the brain of the internet) and Facebook (the heart).

Jake Levy 6 years ago