22 DIY Ways To Make Your Whole Life Neon

    Neon isn't just for the periodic table and cheap pizza place signs. It can also brighten up EVERYTHING YOU OWN.

    1. Stamp a tote bag with neon paint.

    2. Use bows to brighten up boring brown boxes.

    3. Knit mittens with highlighter-yellow tips.

    4. Dip-dye wooden utensils.

    5. Or a flower pot.

    6. Or a stool.


    8. Punch up a light fixture with neon string or yarn.

    9. Use the childhood relic that is modeling clay to make geometric bobby pins.

    10. Or use the same technique to make little earrings.

    11. Spray-paint plastic animals for a zoo's worth of pushpins.

    12. Neon pinecones make the very best placecards.

    13. Paint your nails with an ever-so-subtle bright yellow accent.

    14. Make wall art with wire-wrapped letters.

    15. Neon-ize your shoes with stitching.

    16. Or by painting the toes.

    17. For something quasi-useless but definitely adorable, make bright paper gems.

    18. Protect your surfaces with neon coasters.

    19. And if you still use a mousepad, this one's your bro.

    20. Dip your candles with *pizzazz*.

    21. Turn a boring shirt into a TRANSCENDENT shirtdress.

    22. Make a neon basket in which to keep all the other neon artifacts of your neon dreams.