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    Here's Why You Should Never Make Steak Tartare At Home

    Serving raw meat is risky business. Please leave it to the professionals.

    This is steak tartare at its finest:

    People use pre-ground beef, which is wrong.

    They take it right out the package and put it on a plate.

    You think that beef is fresh enough?

    People put big chunks of onion, scallion, and garlic inside, as if they're making hamburger patties.

    They put an egg yolk on top, and don't separate it properly.

    Amateur tartare-ists dress it with all the weirdest things...

    ....or don't dress it at all...

    ... or dress it so heavily that it is unrecognizable.

    If someone does have the good sense to actually cut the beef, his knife probably isn't sharp enough.

    WTF is this.

    So even if you find a decent recipe...

    ...from the most trustworthy source...

    ... please think twice before you try this at home.







    Chefs put months of work into creating a single, non-gross beef tartare dish for their menus.

    And even then, it sometimes comes out looking wrong.