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    How To Eat Nothing But Watermelon All Summer

    All melon everything.

    First of all: TABLE SETTING.

    Watermelon centerpiece to end all watermelon centerpieces.

    If you're feeling superhuman, here are some carving instructions.

    Aaaaand time to eat. Feta sliders with watermelon bun? Yes.

    Photography by Marina Delio / Via

    Recipe here.

    Watermelon and feta puzzles.

    Watermelon with balsamic kiddie pool. So goddamn adorable.

    Rum-soaked watermelon with goat cheese and mint. Classy rondelle.

    Grilled watermelon salad. In a watermelon.

    Watermelon gazpacho. Classic.

    Quiz: Ahi tuna or watermelon "steak"?

    Answer: duh. Recipe here.

    Pickled watermelon salad. Kind of ingenious.

    Right, food... anyway, TIME TO DRINK.

    Directions for melon-kegging here.

    Watermelon mojito. Mandatory.

    Watermelon spritzer with lemon and honey. Not boozy, but refreshing as hell.

    Recipe here.

    Watermelon. Frosty.

    Obligatory watermelon garnish. You know, it is possible to have too much of a good thi—JK, this is amazing.

    Recipe here.

    Frosty + chia seeds.

    Healthy touch, but also super pretty. Recipe here.

    AND watermelon for dessert? Obviously. Here's some watermelon ice cream cake.

    Dipped in the good stuff.

    Oh my god this watermelon sorbet.

    Swirly watermelon macarons.

    Watermelon popsicles. (With some other fruit, I guess.)

    Watermelon mint julep pops.

    Nice watermelon plate. Recipe here.

    Or just watermelon OREOS.