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    The 31 Most Useful Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

    My clairvoyant powers are telling me that chalkboard paint will outlive mason jars. Just look at all the things you can do with it!

    1. As a way to label open shelves.

    A godsend in the kitchen.

    2. As a way to label cheeses on a tray.

    3. As a way to label wine glasses at a party.

    Or mugs.

    4. As a way to customize a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign.

    A necessity for any parent. "[Insert child's name here], please make up this room."

    5. As a way to label measuring utensils.

    6. As a reusable bunting banner.

    You can commemorate ANYTHING.

    7. As a way to label bowls.

    8. As a way to make a locket interchangeable.

    For all your future heartthrobs and soul mates.

    9. As a helpful labeling tool to keep a child organized.

    10. As a way to keep score in a board game.

    11. As a way to keep track of everyone's chores.

    12. As a way to keep track of what's in (or not in) your fridge.

    13. As a way to label kitchen cupboards.

    14. As a way to label notebooks.

    15. As a way to tell people where to sit.

    16. As a way to label what's in the crockpot.

    17. As a fun way to break up the day.

    18. As a way to give your child a real laptop.

    19. As a way to leave a note in your child's lunchbox.

    20. As a way to label amorphous jars of stuff.

    21. As a way to label a display.

    22. As a learning tool.

    Paint blocks with chalkboard paint and you can teach numbers and words with them.

    23. As a way to write down numbers and phone messages.

    This landline phone is painted with a coat of chalkboard paint.

    24. As wallpaper.

    Have you ever tried to put up wallpaper? It's the worst.

    25. As a way for kids to practice their handwriting.

    26. As a way to be incredibly lazy about holidays.

    Get rid of all your wreaths! This is the only one you need!

    27. As a way to keep kids busy on road trips.

    28. As a way to keep track of your cooking steps.

    29. As a way to remember your groceries.

    30. As a way to leave yourself notes on your own iPhone.

    31. As a way to pass the time when there's not much to talk about.

    Besides HOW FUCKING AWESOME chalkboard paint is.