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June 12, 2013

New York Passes Child Model Law

The law will afford models under the age of 18 the same protections enjoyed by all child performers. So designers might want to start sorting out their paperwork now.

12 Superman Stories Everyone Absolutely Needs To Read

There have been a lot of Superman stories in the past 75 years, but if you're looking to get caught up on everyone's favorite superhero (in preparation for the release of Man of Steel, for instance), these are the stories that you definitely need to read.

24 Models Who Started Their Careers Under The Age Of 18

New York just passed a law that would offer models the same protections as all entertainers under the age of 18. If the law passes, hiring girls under the age of 18 would become a lot more difficult (and probably less desirable) — but top models have been starting their careers well before 18 for decades.

Let's All Hate On Penguins

Penguins are the worst. Seriously, they're birds that can't even fly! This is now a safe place to share your penguin hatred.

24 Reasons Everything Looks Better In 8-Bit

Ever since the emergence of 8-bit graphics in the '80s and early-90s, we've been fascinated by it. Today, there are hundreds of artists out there who use 8-bit illustration as their sole medium, but few are doing it as well as "Kevin," aka Noirlac on Tumblr.

Robert Pattinson Lands Dior Fragrance Campaign

Following months of breathless speculation, Dior Homme representatives today confirmed that RPattz will sparkle in forthcoming ads for a new men's fragrance. In a statement, they praise his acting talents in Water for Elephants, Remember Me, and Bel Ami — but, for some reason, neglect to mention the Twilight extravaganza or his breakout role as poor, unfortunate Cedric.

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