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31 Eggs In Exciting Holes

The phrase "exciting holes" might speak to you in a way that's not related to food. I'm OK with that.

A classic Egg in a Hole is great just as it is.

But there is more.

1. What if you bake the egg into an avocado?


2. Or into a tomato.

3. Into a bread boat with bacon and tomatoes.

4. Bake it into an acorn squash.

5. In a bell pepper.

6. In an eggplant.

7. In onion rings.

8. Baked eggs in dinner rolls with hot sauce is the easiest/cheapest dinner ever.

9. Presenting: Huevos in a hole.

10. Nestle your egg into a skillet of tomato sauce, then bake.

11. Or into an entire casserole.

12. A baked potato makes a very exciting hole.

13. So does a doughnut.

14. An egg lends itself to teddy bear shapes.

15. Dog shapes.

16. Flowers.

17. Christmas morning-appropriate shapes.

18. Basically, any shape for which you own a cookie cutter.

19. This is is heart-shaped egg-in-a-hole FRENCH TOAST.

20. You can line a muffin tin with regular sandwich bread. Result: Twelve exciting holes.

21. Line a muffin tin or ramekin with shredded potatoes...

22. ...with ham, turkey, or salami slices...

23. ...or with thinly sliced potatoes.

24. There are exciting holes that aren't made of other food.


But let's not explore that territory too much because someone's bound to make a gross joke.

26. Just because you put your egg in an exciting hole doesn't mean you have to stop there.

27. Make it a part of something, like a Caesar salad...

28. ...a burger...

29. ...or a grilled cheese sandwich.

30. Dress it up for a party appetizer by using quail eggs.

31. If all else fails, just cover it in cheese.