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    This Is What China's Astronauts Will Eat In Space

    People on Weibo are obsessed with what food China will bring on their space missions. Compare these with photos of Korean, Russian, and Japanese space food.

    On Tuesday night, China launched Shenzhou X ("Arc Number 10") into space. According to the Financial Times, Beijing plans to build a space station by next year, and send crew to the moon by 2020.

    Mostly, folks on Weibo are obsessed with what Chinese food they serve in space, especially since the launch coincides with Dragon Boat Festival, which is usually celebrated with a feast.

    The Chinese crew was happy to oblige by showing their menus. Here's what they're having:

    Sweet rice dumplings IN SPACE

    And this is what the dish normally looks like on earth.

    Also for the holidays: sweet lotus seeds.

    This is what is usually looks like on earth.

    Yangchow Fried Rice

    Chinese barbecue chicken

    Just for comparison: this is what Japanese astronauts eat

    Korea spent millions developing space kimchi

    Russian cosmonauts have a choice of 300 food items

    And the U.S. collaborates with Russia to stock the International Space Station's kitchen