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Religion, Writing, And The Gospel According To Jam Bands

Author Justin Taylor on why he loves the Grateful Dead and how his Jewish-American ancestry influences his writing.

Aaron Calvin • 4 years ago

Washington D.C. Mayor Signs Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana

Congress must now review the measure, which would decriminalize marijuana and eliminate jail time for most offenses in favor of fines.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

There's A Lot To Love About Sufjan Stevens' Electronic Supergroup

Sufjan Stevens and hip-hop guys Son Lux and Serengeti have come together to make a catchy, moving album.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

12 Charming Illustrations That Will Be Your Guide To The People And Places Of San Francisco

Meanwhile In San Francisco is a personal journey through the city of San Francisco, illustrated with Wendy MacNaughton's affectionate style.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

17 Literary Brooches That Let You Wear Your Favorite Book

From To Kill A Mockingbird to Moby Dick, House Of Ismay has just the brooch for you.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

How Fred Phelps Became The Most Hated Person In America

A timeline showing the rise and fall of the man who started Westboro Baptist Church.

Tony Merevick • 5 years ago

This Teenager From New Jersey Climbed To The Very Top Of The World Trade Center

16-year-old Justin Casquejo was arrested after he snuck past guards and construction workers to climb up to the tip of the spire on the Freedom Tower.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

6 Things To Geek Out About From J.K. Rowling's New "History Of The Quidditch World Cup"

In a new post on Pottermore, Rowling has revealed interesting new details regarding the rules and history of Quidditch and the Quidditch World Cup.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

These Turkish Protestors Took An Ellen-Style Selfie In The Back Of A Police Van

No better time for a group selfie than after your arrest.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

Author Teju Cole Talks His New Essay On Immigration, Twitter, And Censorship

Teju Cole has a history of innovative story telling on Twitter and has now released a lengthy, straight-to-Twitter essay. BuzzFeed spoke with Cole about his new essay, the benefits of Twitter as a platform, and the injustices of the current immigration system.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

7 Beautifully Illustrated Excerpts From Walt Whitman's "Song Of Myself"

Artist Allen Crawford has illustrated the entirety of Walt Whitman's iconic and moving collection of poetry.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

This Series Of Tattoos Is Actually An Awesome GIF

Evan Hawkins got his friends together and created an animated tattoo, combining 11 different frames tattooed on 11 different people.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

Veteran Journalist Matthew Power Dies While On Assignment In Uganda

A contributing editor to Harper's Magazine and a writer for numerous other publications, Power was on assignment along the Nile River for Men's Journal when he unexpectedly fell ill and died.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

An Artist Put Up Giant Police Tape To Protest Gentrification In New York

After the 5 Pointz area was whitewashed last year, graffiti artists were in an uproar. This act of protest calls attention to what artists see as the further gentrification of New York City.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

This Beautiful Illustration Shows The Evolution Of The Typewriter

Pop Chart Lab explores the history of the typewriter in its latest graphic, from "the first Hammond in 1870 to the Remington Rands and Smith Coronas of the 20th century."

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

This Children's Book Is Super Adorable And Just Happens To Have A Gay Protagonist

The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived isn't so different from your average fairytale except for the fact the knight marries the prince at the end. But it's also been drawing criticism from some conservative communities.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

24 Photos Of The 2014 Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony

The opening to the Sochi paralympic games featured Russian President Vladimir Putin, a giant boat called "Peace," and teams from both the United States and Ukraine in attendance.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

12 Bizarre And Weirdly Intense Reviews Of Marijuana Strains

From goofy ideas that were born while high to heartbreaking tales of PTSD, the world of weed is full of stories. This site is basically the Yelp of pot.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

9 Mountain Goats Songs That Are Actually Incredible Short Stories

John Darnielle has a book coming out, but he's actually been writing great fiction for years.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago

Port Authority Killed Over 20,000 Animals Over The Past Two Years

The agency killed everything from the endangered northern harrier to muskrats to a parakeet over the past two years in the name of airline safety.

Aaron Calvin • 5 years ago