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    There's A Lot To Love About Sufjan Stevens' Electronic Supergroup

    Sufjan Stevens and hip-hop guys Son Lux and Serengeti have come together to make a catchy, moving album.

    Sisyphus is the collaborative project from perennially beloved indie artist Sufjan Stevens and underground hip-hop vets Son Lux and Serengeti.

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    Their new self-titled album brings together the glitchy instrumentation Stevens experimented with on his album Age of Adz and Sun Lux's frenetic beats. Serengeti, a rapper versatile enough to handle music this nuts, does the vocals. The result is an accessible, emotional listen.

    Stevens and Serengeti first got together in 2009 on "Blood Pt. 2," a remix from Buck 65, on the compilation Dark Was the Night. You could tell the artists had a lot of chemistry together.

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    The same three artists worked together again in 2012 under the moniker s/s/s and released the album Beak and Claw.

    This new Sisyphus album shifts towards a denser sound than that previous effort. There are erratic, fun tracks, like "Booty Call":

    And atmospheric, vulnerable ones, like "Hardly Hanging On."

    All three of the Sisyphus guys are talented artists, but in coming together, they've managed to create something wholly new and interesting.