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    Posted on Jun 12, 2013

    Napping Hacks To Help You Sleep Anywhere

    What in this world is better than a really solid nap? NOTHING, is the answer.

    Being a person is exhausting.

    So is being a cat.

    And sometimes the only thing you want is to curl up for a few minutes of rest.

    Flickr: 24275193@N07

    No matter where you happen to be.

    Luckily, the whole world can be your nap-oyster.

    You just have to be open-minded.

    Get an ostrich nap pillow.

    To make sleeping at your desk a snap.

    If you're worried about getting in trouble, just invest in an eye mask that makes it look like you're awake.

    Or make one yourself.

    Startlingly humanlike pattern available here.

    Fall asleep even when you're in transit.

    The hoodie pillow makes sleep-sitting a ton more comfortable.

    Snug-ify a backseat with an inflatable mattress.

    Add a truck bed.

    All couches should hereafter be nothing but sleeping-bag-sofas.

    To maximize coziness.

    Transform your bed with a portable massage chair.

    That also holds your coffee.

    Break out the big guns with an inflatable nap pod you can take anywhere.

    Available from Nappak.

    Speaking of coffee: Drink a cup right before you take a quick nap.

    It takes about 20 minutes for caffeine to enter your system, so when you wake up, you'll feel totally refreshed.

    Use a specially timed alarm to take a nap that's the perfect length for your needs.

    The Napper ensures that you don't sleep so long you wake up cranky and woozy. (There are also plenty of apps that do the same thing). And Psychology Today recommends scheduling a nap between 1 and 3 p.m. so you don't have trouble falling asleep later.

    Get an app that lets you customize white noise.


    It'll be like you're dozing in the embrace of the great blue yonder.

    Wake up with a light-up alarm clock that mimics the sunrise.

    Available here.

    Make wherever you are a sacred altar to the glory that is the nap.

    Available from Etsy.

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