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16 Incredibly Simple Hacks To Make Flying Suck Less

Without having to pop a Xanax.

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4. Invest in a battery pack, just in case.

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By charging on the plane using a portable battery pack, you can play Temple Run for the entirety of your flight and still have battery left to Instagram the plane's wing and Snapchat your loved ones when you land.


10. Learn airplane lingo.

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Make friends with the flight attendants by speaking their language. Whether it’s to get you free food and drinks or have your back in an emergency, this crew can make or break your flying experience.

Pro-tip: Never order the "blue water" and always remember your "landing lips." Also, a "crotch watch" is not what you think it is.


13. Defend your legroom.

Try the Knee Defender, which locks onto your tray table and stops the seat in front of you from reclining. It won't win you any friends, but it's approved for use by the FAA. (Or you could be a decent human being and just ask the person in front of you to raise his or her seat.)

14. Use a couple of golf balls to turn your plane seat into a personal spa.

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Take off your shoes and roll a golf ball under each foot for a DIY foot massage. Practice at home first, though, so you don't send balls careening through the cabin.