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Posted on Jun 12, 2013

16 Incredibly Simple Hacks To Make Flying Suck Less

Without having to pop a Xanax.

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1. Buy your tickets on Tuesdays at around 3 p.m.

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The cheaper airlines, like Southwest and JetBlue, list their new sales early on Tuesday mornings. By mid-afternoon, the bigger airlines like American and United will have lowered their prices to match competitors'.

2. Clear your cache to spend less cash.

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Clearing out your browser cache and cookies in between searches for tickets will make sure you're getting the newest — and potentially cheapest — prices.

3. Use a seat plan to feel like first class in economy.

Before choosing a seat, check out sites like SeatGuru or SeatMaestro. You can browse seat maps to find spots near a highly coveted power outlet, with more legroom, or away from the funky-smelling restroom.

4. Invest in a battery pack, just in case.

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By charging on the plane using a portable battery pack, you can play Temple Run for the entirety of your flight and still have battery left to Instagram the plane's wing and Snapchat your loved ones when you land.

5. Hit the gym before your flight.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Exercising will reduce stress and make your body automatically want to rest up. You'll have an easier time falling asleep on the plane.

6. Do security right by turning left.

Columbia Records / Via

Pick the checkpoint farthest to the left. Research shows most people are right-handed and tend to turn right first, thus filling up the queues on the right.

7. Swankify your downtime.

HBO / Via

At some airports, you can buy a one-day pass into otherwise exclusive lounges. Because if you have to sit around waiting, you may as well do it in style.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for free things.

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Airlines often offer upgrades to business or first class the day of your scheduled flight. There may not be any upgrades available, but it’s worth a shot to ask the ground crew.

9. Most international flights serve free alcohol.

NBC / Via

Cheers! Salut! L'chaim!

10. Learn airplane lingo.

Sony Music / Via

Make friends with the flight attendants by speaking their language. Whether it’s to get you free food and drinks or have your back in an emergency, this crew can make or break your flying experience.

Pro-tip: Never order the "blue water" and always remember your "landing lips." Also, a "crotch watch" is not what you think it is.

11. If you can't stomach turbulence, take a morning flight...

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Bumpy air and thunderstorms usually occur in the afternoon. Additionally, fewer people want to fly out in the early morning, so tickets tend to be cheaper.

12. ...or sit by the wing of the plane.

Jason Walke / Via Flickr: jasonwalke

The plane is like a seesaw — so if you’re in the middle, you'll feel less turbulence. Plus, it's pretty.

13. Defend your legroom.

Try the Knee Defender, which locks onto your tray table and stops the seat in front of you from reclining. It won't win you any friends, but it's approved for use by the FAA. (Or you could be a decent human being and just ask the person in front of you to raise his or her seat.)

14. Use a couple of golf balls to turn your plane seat into a personal spa.

Harpo Studios / Via

Take off your shoes and roll a golf ball under each foot for a DIY foot massage. Practice at home first, though, so you don't send balls careening through the cabin.

15. Make your luggage easy to spot.

Dan Escobar / Via

For a quick getaway at baggage claim, invest in a sturdy and eye-catching suitcase...

...or find your fabulous bag with a fabulous luggage tag.

16. And if all else fails, take booze through security.

ABC / Via

If you can't bum drinks from your friends in first class, you can bring alcohol onto the plane as long as they’re in bottles 3.4 oz. or smaller to get your drank on in coach.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!

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