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Opinion: To Save Journalism, Break Up Silicon Valley

Donald Trump makes no secret of his hatred for journalists, but his administration's investigation into the power of Big Tech is long overdue.

John Stanton • 2 months ago

The 8-Year-Old Boy Who Died In Border Patrol Custody Was Healthy When He Left Mexico, Shelter Says

Felipe Gomez Alonzo was sick with the flu when he died on Christmas Eve, after spending a week in Customs and Border Protection custody.

John Stanton • 9 months ago

Democrats Are Warning Trump Against Declaring A National Emergency At The Border

“The only emergency on the border is a humanitarian one caused by this administration’s war on children,” said House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler.

John Stanton • 9 months ago

Immigration Advocates Are Alarmed By The Rising Numbers of Asylum-Seekers Crossing The Arizona Border

Groups numbering hundreds of people have recently been picked up between Ajo and Yuma, Arizona.

John Stanton • 9 months ago

The Homeland Security Secretary Called The Deaths Of Migrant Children "Deeply Concerning" And Promised More Medical Checks

Kirstjen M. Nielsen also blamed an increase in families illegally crossing the US–Mexico border for pushing the immigration system "to a breaking point."

Amber Jamieson • 9 months ago

The 7-Year-Old Guatemalan Who Died In US Custody Was Given No Water For Hours, Lawyers Say

They also accused Customs and Border Protection of violating its own policies by not summoning medical assistance immediately when she fell ill.

John Stanton • 9 months ago

Another Migrant Girl Nearly Died After She Was Detained In New Mexico By The Border Patrol

The girl went into cardiac arrest in November, though she survived, raising more questions about what happened to Jakelin Caal, who died Dec. 8.

John Stanton • 9 months ago

The Incoming Head Of The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Called On The Customs And Border Patrol Chief To Resign

"The ASPCA would not allow animals to be treated the way human beings are being treated” in migrant detention facilities, US Rep. Al Green said.

John Stanton • 9 months ago

Border Patrol Told A Congressional Delegation It Can't Meet With Agents Who Detained A 7-Year-Old

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are scheduled on Tuesday to visit the remote station where Jakelin Caal was held.

John Stanton • 10 months ago

A Father's Version Of A Guatemalan Girl's Trip To The US Raises Questions About The Border Patrol's Account

He has told advocates that they did not walk through the desert to get to the US, but rode buses, and that she had been eating and drinking normally.

John Stanton • 10 months ago

Stormy Daniels Rallied Sex Workers Against Louisiana's "Baby Stripper Law"

Billed as a measure to combat human trafficking when it was passed in 2016, the law bars women under age 21 from exposing their breasts or butts.

John Stanton • 10 months ago

Hip-Hop Could Get You In Trouble, Or Killed, Where This Guy's From

Hip-hop artists say Salvadoran cops assume they’re tied to MS-13 because of their clothes and tattoos.

John Stanton • 10 months ago

Sex Tourists Say They're Going To Mexico To Escape #MeToo

“They say they’re more free here than over there. They say that just by looking at a woman, you can get sued."

John Stanton • 11 months ago

The US Is Sending Its Addiction Problem Over The Border

“They’re thinking they’ll get what they need over here,” said a doctor who’s treated Americans with drug addictions in Tijuana.

John Stanton • One year ago

Sex Workers Say Human Trafficking Laws Are Making Their Jobs More Dangerous

What began as a federal anti-trafficking effort is targeting sex workers at the state and local levels. For more on this story, watch the new BuzzFeed News series Follow This on Netflix.

John Stanton • One year ago

Trump’s Immigration Policy Is Driving Families Into The Dangerous Desert, Activists Say

Hundreds of bodies are found in the Sonoran Desert every year. Activists say that number will rise following the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.

John Stanton • One year ago

Watchdogs Just Called On Congress To Investigate Mass Deportation Hearings

The letter, sent by the Project on Government Oversight, cited a BuzzFeed News report on the expedited immigration court system known as Operation Streamline.

John Stanton • One year ago

The Courts Where Some Immigrants Plead Guilty Without Knowing What’s Happening

Lawyers, and even a judge, say Operation Streamline's rapid-fire pace is too fast for some defendants to understand.

John Stanton • One year ago

Activists Say The US Has Resumed Late-Night Deportations, Violating An Agreement With Mexico

Mexico and human rights groups had objected to the Border Patrol dropping deportees off late at night, saying it made them prey for cartels and pimps.

John Stanton • One year ago

Trump Says Gangs Are Bringing Kids Over The Border, But These Kids Found Their Own Way

Some walk, some catch rides, some pay coyotes, and some ride the rail network known as "la Bestia."

John Stanton • One year ago