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November 1, 2010

When People Break-Up

David McCandless recently had a TED Talk about info-graphics, and in it he referenced a data set about Facebook and break-ups. He looked over 10,000 status-updates to learn why people ended their romantic relationships. It's ain't official until it's Facebook official.

The Best Costumes From The 2010 High Heel Drag Queen Race

Every state has unique Halloween traditions. In Washington, DC on the Tuesday before Halloween, thousands of people flock to Dupont Circle to watch costumed drag queens show off their elaborate outfits and race. Here are some especially memorable costumes from this year's event.

Maru's Halloween

This Halloween, Maru discovered a pumpkin and dressed up as a nerdy pumpkinhead named Dr. Pumpkin. He also got into the sink and, later, a small box. This has been your breaking Maru news update for the day.

Dog Plays Yahtzee

He kind of cheats on the second roll, but we'll let it slide.

Tea Party Queen

Deviant Art user Audwee's twist on the famous Titanic scene, with Sarah Palin holding up Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell. Here's to hoping they'll go down together.

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