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November 4, 2010

If DC Comics Published Marvel Comics

Kind of an absurdly intricate "What if?", but Kerry Callen wonders how Marvel Comics would have looked if they'd shared the focus on outrageous character scenarios that was the hallmark of DC Comics in the '60s. Probably don't think about it too much, but that fat Spiderman makes me sad. (From, via.)

Paris Vs. New York

A blog that catalogues the differences between Paris and New York with some lovely minimalist imagery. Ooh la la! Or, as we say in New York, "Meh. Old!" (From, via.)

Editor Steals Writer's Work; Tells Writer To Be Grateful

Good news everyone! Cooks Source Magazine has overturned years of Supreme court rulings with a series of poorly thought out emails. Turns out the Internet IS public domain and we can take things from any site at will! Or at least that what I gather since they outright stole Illadore's work and then said she should pay them for the privilege.

Bread People

Bread puns. The perfect thing to go with all those cheese puns.

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