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October 1, 2013

14 Reasons You Should Stop Saying "FML"

Because your life doesn't suck.

10 Of The Things You Cannot See Right Now

Thanks, Congress. At least we still have the Internet.

25 Times I Was Scared Out Of My Mind At Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights

Every year, Universal Studios transforms the theme park for Halloween Horror Nights. As a diehard horror fan, I was thrilled to attend — and also kind of terrified. I ended up screaming, a lot.

9 Things About "Superjail!" You May Not Know

Christy Karacas, creator of Superjail!, spills his guts about the show and its upcoming fourth season. It's a riot.

This Video Will Make You Want To Pack Up Your Car And Go

If you need a little bit of wonder in your life— watch this.

The Teeny Tiniest Dog In The Whole World Leads The Daily Links

Plus famous authors who thought the government was incompetent, 6 of the first handheld video games, and 5 tips to avoid the dreaded Instagram fail.

Wow, The History Of Women's Shoes Is Really Insane And Patriarchal

All right, ladies, collaborate and listen.

18 Statistics That Show What It's Like To Be Jewish In America In 2013

The Pew Research Center released a survey of American Jews Tuesday. A Portrait of Jewish Americans survyed 3,475 Jews, including 689 who identify as having no religion, between February and June.

Joe Lhota On de Blasio: “Where Is He?”

The Republican candidate for mayor of New York City accuses the frontrunner of a Rose Garden campaign. “This is reminding me of Where’s Waldo?

Rob Schneider Hasn't Made A Movie In California In 7 Years Because Of "Democrats"

He's that guy who was on SNL who said "Makin' copies." Oh, and he was the "You can do it" guy in The Waterboy.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

24 Problems You Encounter When You Go To The Mall

Stay home, people. Just stay home.

12 Highly Compelling Reasons Armor Needs A Fashion Comeback

Because if street style is going to be fierce, it might as well be fierce. Designer Pink Absinthe creates truly stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.

27 Things Every Girl In Her Twenties Should Really Have By Now

While the grown-ups have been discussing things they should own, your only job is to hop off the #HotMessExpress.

19 Relics From The '90s Hologram Epidemic

These ancient artifacts shed light on our unfortunate past.

FreedomPop, Unlike Apple, Sees An Opportunity In Cheap Smartphones

Stephen Stokols and his company, FreedomPop, want everyone to have a smartphone. With a free plan, that is.

What It's Like To Be A Woman At The Gym

"Hey, do you come here often?"

49 Vegan & Gluten Free Recipes For Baking In October

Believe it or not, all of these baked goods are both vegan and gluten free.

American Woman In Taiwan, Marina Shifrin, Quits Job Through 'Interpretive Dance' Video

Marina Shifrin quits her video-making job in viral clip.

26 Pieces Of Wanderlust-Inducing Art You Can Buy On Etsy

A little something to decorate your home when you're not busy traveling.

Cheese Cloth Ghost Spirits

It's officially Halloween season! (I LOVE Halloween!) I decided to start it off with these fun, creepy Cheese Cloth Ghost Spirits. They are really easy to make and your kids will LOVE them! http://www.made

10 Reasons BuzzFeed Should Hire Kia As DIY Editor

Successful blog? Pinterest junkie? Crafting skills? Check, check, and check.

How Well Do You Know "The Little Mermaid"?

You've watched it countless times, but did you pay close attention to the details? Now that The Little Mermaid is finally out on Blu-ray, it's time to test your knowledge of the 1989 classic.

There Is A Hot Springs In Japan Where Monkeys Relax All Day

Majestic doesn't even begin to describe the spectacle you are about to witness.

Usher Sings The ABC's On "Sesame Street"

It might be weird to say this about a bit from Sesame Street but the ABCs have never sounded so sexy.

San Francisco Group Launches Campaign Against Pharmaceutical Companies

Yes On D will air an ad Tuesday and formally launch its campaign Thursday.

John Hodgman Retweets Dozens Of Health Nightmares

This morning, comedian John Hodgman tweeted that young people should sign up for Obama's Affordable Care Act. He then received and retweeted dozens of intense personal stories about illness and health care.

Zachary Quinto Is Brilliant On Broadway

He totally rocks his Great White Way debut. Here's 11 reasons why you should see The Glass Menagerie.

8 Things You Need To Know About The Shutdown

You’ll hear a lot of people saying this is a “standoff” or a simple case of two sides being unable to compromise. But it’s not politics as usual—it’s an unusual, and dangerous, hijacking of politics by a determined minority.

Ichabod Crane Reacts To The Government Shutdown

Sleepy Hollow's 18th century man did not fight in the Revolutionary War for this shit.

32 Books Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Warning: You'll probably want to read these books in private, since spontaneous maniacal laughter may ensue.

Why "Unsolved Mysteries" Is Still The Most Terrifying Show Of All Time

You are about to die/find your long-lost twin. Thanks, Robert Stack.

18 Creepy And Awful Vintage Halloween Sewing Patterns

If you grew up in the '80s or '90s, there's a good chance you wore one of these masterpieces.

German Artist Paints Creepiest Doubleface Makeups

Sebastian Bieniek paints evil lipstick twins on the side of people's faces. Here's what daily life for a double-faced woman looks like.

Republican NYC Mayoral Candidate Blasts GOP "Extremists" In Washington Over "Radical" Shutdown

Joe Lhota says the fight over Obamacare "loses the forest for the trees." Using congressional tea partiers as a foil in the race against Bill de Blasio.

Peter King Goes Off On Ted Cruz And His Supporters: "They Led Us Down This Dead-End Street"

"Ted Cruz is to blame, and those in the House who stand with him have brought about this train wreck," he said.

13 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

This is not a dream. This is real life.

This Is What The Government Shutdown Means For You

What a government shutdown means is "nonessential" government services are no longer being provided. Some agencies will be able to survive for a few weeks based on leftover money, but the longer this goes on, the less they'll be able to do.

Now That Nobody Is Manning The Library Of Congress...

Nicholas Cage is back to his antics.

This Is What The World Looked Like The Last Time We Had A Government Shutdown

Think blue eyeshadow, puka shells, and "The Rachel."

I Made My Sister And Girlfriend Drink 21 Extremely Strong Beers. These Are Their Tasting Notes.

Last Sunday, my girlfriend, my brother-in-law, my sister, and I piled into a white limo that was made to look like a Bentley in the cheapest way possible, and we struck out for six hours of beer-tasting at four breweries in San Diego.

4 Times Carl Icahn Contradicted Himself On CNBC Monday

Carl Icahn gave a post-game report on last evening's dinner with Apple CEO Tim Cook on CNBC this afternoon. It was...interesting.

19 Things Kids Can Get Away With That Adults Just Can't

When kids do it, it's cute; when you do it you get arrested.

What If Your Favorite TV Shows Were Your Favorite Rappers?

LOST and Kanye West have way more in common than you'd think.

Someone Is Having Way Too Much Fun With "Wind Waker HD"

You've heard of Linkstagram... but have you heard of Instaganon?

Russian Lawmaker Invites European Counterparts To A Moscow Gay Club

"I've never been, but witnesses say it's very nice," Sergei Naryshkin said, defending the climate for LGBTs in Russia.

19 Government Shutdown Front Pages That Show Nothing's Changed Since 1995

The New York Daily News still knows how to do it.

12 Awesomely Absurd Suggestions To Play The Next Batman

Forget Ben Affleck, these are the casting choices Hollywood needs to consider. Thanks to Redditor Maxfieldo for starting it all!

The Government Shutdown Is Exactly Like "Mean Girls"

You can't sit with us, Ted Cruz.

Real Men Underwear Ads

Because let's face it: David Beckham's body is intimidating.

NFL Week 5 Fantasy Football Start ‘em or Sit ‘em

It’s been a bizarre season so far in the NFL with unlikely stars stepping up to shine. We’re back to help you keep tabs on all your fantasy favorites as well as the best unlikely bets to stand out this in Week 5.

22 Times The Justice League Proved Their Superpower Is Sass

Can one universe handle this much snark? Potential League members must be able to kick ass and cut a biting retort at a moment's notice.

25 James Bond Facts You've Never Heard Before

We know that his name is Bond (...James Bond), and that he prefers his martinis shaken, not stirred, but it turns out that this International Man of Mystery isn't such a mystery after all.

Get Ready To Obsess Over This Girl's Hilarious YouTube "Tutorials"

If you're interested in dismantling the patriarchy with a feminist beauty DIY or becoming the life of a party by means of cardboard One Direction cutouts, you are going to love tadelesmith SO MUCH.

Bikers Attack SUV Driver In New York In Viral Video

A gang of bikers attacked a man driving a Range Rover and broke his leg Sunday after he accidentally hit one of them on Manhattan's West Side Highway.

16 Kids Of The Past Doing Halloween Better Than You

These costumed kids made Halloween their bitch.

37 Black And White GIFs That Will Melt Your Brain

The sublime world of GIF art. TEST PAGE WARNING: flashing images.

Climate Denier Countdown! 5 PR “Experts” Lying To You

This first edition of Climate Denier Countdown examines five people who are paid to deny the science of climate change...and they aren't scientists. Funded directly or indirectly by coal or oil companies or just angry rich people, these people want your ear. Don't lend it to them.

Nearly 1,000 Iraqis In The Last Month Have Been Killed In Horrific Sectarian Violence

The surge in violence in Iraq has been linked to the rise of Islamist extremist groups fighting in Syria. (WARNING: Disturbing images)

Obama: "The Longer This Shutdown Continues, The Worse The Effects Will Be"

House Republicans "demanded ransom just for doing their job," the president said from the White House on Tuesday. "That's not how adults operate."

29 Awesome New Ways To Style Your Natural Hair

These hairdos are elegant enough for a wedding and easy enough to wear everyday. No heat styling required.

30 Ways To Wear Your Love For Pugs

Because those expressive little wrinkly faces make not only your life roughly a million times better, but your wardrobe too.

21 Hilarious Parenting Tweets

When your parenting skills (or lack thereof) get you down, read through these tweets and remember: You are not alone.

The One Guy Who Ever Played Ahead Of Peyton Manning Is Alive And Well And Running A Software Company

Branndon Stewart is the only player to ever challenge Peyton Manning for a starting spot, and almost two decades after their days at Tennessee, he's doing pretty well for himself too.

How The Government Shutdown Is Ruining Americans' Vacations

“I’m extremely disappointed that instead of working together to pass a reasonable funding solution, Congress has placed this burden on hard-working Americans," Rep. Tulsi Gabbard laments. Here in Hawaii, Volcano National Park is shut down.

32 Alcohol-Related Lifehacks Every Adult Should Know

If you're a drinker, chances are you're going to want to know these tips and tricks. Cheers!

Get A First Look At The New Man In Julia's Life On "Parenthood"

And it's Pam's former fiancé from The Office!

The Sex Jihad That Never Happened

Stories of women entering Syria on a "Sex Jihad" have taken the media by storm. But are any of them actually true?

The End Of The Power User

How tech companies gave up on the ones that love them most.

20 DIY Halloween Bags, Baskets, And Bowls

Everyone knows candy is the most important part of Halloween, so store yours with style.

31 Delicious Things To Cook In October

Roasted vegetables, welcome back to the regular dinner rotation.

How A Reclusive Texas Billionaire Took Back The Biggest-Ever Donation To A Liberal Arts College

A blow to Centre College is felt by Deutsche Bank. The college administrators won't talk — but Bob Brockman is "furious."

How The Military Is Affected By The Government Shutdown

President Obama signed a bill ensuring members of the military will be paid during the government shutdown, but here are some other effects of the shutdown.

Ranking All The Love Interests In The Mary-Kate And Ashley Films

Because this is actually what matters in life. IMPORTANT: This system is based solely on whom I found most attractive when I was a pubescent teenager.

British Skydiver Will Complete His 100th Jump Stark Naked For A Good Cause

If Dan Cope can raise £500 for charity, he will film his jump wearing only a harness.

Yogurt The Pirate Dog Brings Inspiration To Your Instagram Feed

She's a 5-year-old Chihuahua with all the heart and spunk that's been missing from your life.

Rebel Wilson Pays Tribute To Felines Everywhere

Somebody please tell me where I can get this sweatshirt now-ish? I'm severely allergic to cats and can't be anywhere near them, but I still want to show my support to these mystical creatures.

“Diana” Movie Poster Placed At Site Of 1997 Car Crash Causes Outrage

A poster for the biopic was placed near the entrance of the tunnel in which "The People's Princess" was killed sixteen years ago.

43 Pokemon Mash-Ups That Are Better Than The Real Thing

Here's hoping some of these guys make an appearance in whatever comes after Pokemon X and Y. Your move, Nintendo.

Beyoncé's Awesomely '90s School Dance Photo

Unlike the rest of us, even in high school, she was drop-dead gorgeous.

If Karen From "Mean Girls" Had Instagram

I'm sorry for Instagramming that time you got diarrhea at Barnes & Noble. And I'm sorry for regramming it now.

Live Video: Chris Christie Delivers State Of State Address

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is expected to tackle the controversy surrounding the George Washington Bridge lane closures in his speech Tuesday.

Veterans Have Stormed Washington's World War II Memorial, Shutdown Or No Shutdown

If memory serves, WWII veterans have a bit of experience with storming a place and holding their positions.

Pup Holders: The Internet's Cutest New Trend

A car ride has never been this adorable.

What It's Like To Be Furloughed During The Government Shutdown

Since everyone keeps talking about me like I'm not here Wins Social Media This Week

After a hoax letter turning down a seller of a toy car went viral on twitter, The UK used car buyer quickly set up a microsite for the PR win.

28 Romantic Movies All Men Should See Before Entering A Relationship

Because there's more to romance than what The Notebook can teach you.

This Girl Coming Out Of Wisdom Teeth Surgery Is Devastated To Learn She Isn't A NASCAR Driver

"I just won the world series of being the fastest NASCAR driver."

21 Real-World Effects Of The Government Shutdown

The government shut down on Tuesday, meaning that over 2 million federal workers won't get their paychecks. Here are 21 national monuments, memorials, and programs that have closed.

The Ultimate Diet Is The Tongue Patch

No pain, no gain. This revolutionary method will help you lose weight by having a "Miracle Patch" sewn to your tongue. This is technically "safe for work" but it might be NSFL.

28 Emotional Stages Of Forgetting Your iPhone Charger

As told by Seinfeld. Don't ever forget your charger.

This Is What A Fancy Dress Funeral Looks Like

Biker asked friends and family wear costumes to the service. The results were both sad and sweet.

"Who Is Chelsea Manning?" Art Installation Wins Best Project At DUMBO Arts Festival

"I’m hoping that Chelsea will see it, or know word of it, and that will just be some light and some comfort in her darkness, you know?"

Liz Lemon Reacts To Breaking Bad Finale

What the what, Walter White!?

30 Maps That Are Missing From Your Life

You think you know the world? These maps will blow open your understanding of the globe.

This Mike Francesa Revolution Parody Will Change Your Life

The famous sports talk radio host gets the 1776 treatment.

Lady Gaga Needs This Book

It just seems like she could really use it.

20 Ways Ben Whishaw Will Melt Your Heart

He's more than just a fine actor.

Tell Us About Yourselfie: Chef Michael Symon

You know his food, you know his face from the TV — hello, Iron Chef and The Chew — and if you happen to be from Cleveland he's probably one of your local heroes. Now find out which Hollywood icon is his "guy crush," what TV show he's currently mourning the loss of, and more in this Q&A!

The 44 Best Pictures Of Scared Bros At A Haunted House Of 2013

They're baaaaaaack! It's October, which means that bros everywhere are migrating north to Nightmare Fear Factory in Niagara Falls looking for some thrills. Bros love thrills.

Fox News Contributor: Get Ready For "Sob Stories" In Front Of Veteran Clinics

Fox News contributor, and frequent O'Reilly Factor guest host, Laura Ingraham told the team at Fox & Friends that Republicans will cave on the government shutdown after TV camera crews start broadcasting "sob stories" from military veterans.

You Need To See This Hilarious Dating Website For Ghosts

They're looking for the love of their (after)life.

North West Officially Has A Better Wardrobe Than You

Kim Kardashian shared her daughter's gifts from her designer friends on Instagram and here's what she got.

John Boehner Riding The Wrecking Ball

The Internet: 1, John Boehner: -1000. Although now you have John Boehner's head on Miley Cyrus' body haunting you till the end of time.

Why The Music Community On Vine Is The Best

Vineception is a trend where users layer their Vine with someone else's. Check out the #SongCollab hashtag on Twitter and be amazed.

Quiz: 13 "University Challenge" Questions That You Probably Can't Answer

Anyone who wants to feel good about themselves probably shouldn't attempt this quiz.

Watch Jon Stewart's Shutdown Tirade

"Did you see the Giants game on Sunday?" he said. "They lost 31-7. Do you know what the Giants didn't say after that game? 'If you don't give us 25 more points by midnight on Monday, we will shut down the fucking NFL.'"

Why Your Hockey Team Won't Win The Stanley Cup

Because they SUCK! 29 teams disemboweled, in alphabetical order.

Show Off Your Most Played Song On iTunes

Music speaks volumes about the listener and good music deserves to be shared. So, confess to BuzzFeed your top played track on iTunes (or Spotify) and feel the love.

Read A Tory Politician's Incredible Response To The Daily Mail

Tory councillor and businessman Nigel Fletcher was asked if he wanted to advertise with the Daily Mail. This was his reply.

Start Your Senses Zebra Toy Recalled For Cancer Risk

In 1981, a criminal gang in Spain sold huge quantities of olive oil containing the chemical - a yellow dye - in a catastrophic food fraud that left 20,000 sick and 400 dead.

These People Think Weed Is Now Legal Due To The Government Shutdown

Looking forward to these kids running the country in the not-too-distant future.

New "Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug" Trailer Is Epic Tolkien Joy

Tiny men, lots of action, and BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AS A DRAGON. What more could you ask for?

23 SAT Words You Learned From Disney Songs

High school seniors, you can forget SAT prep books*; re-watching your favorite Disney movies will earn you that 800 verbal in no time.

5 Design Projects That Are Changing The World

These projects use powerful design to impact communities in need all over the world.

10 Of The Best Ads From 1995

It was a good year for advertising. Five print ads, five TV spots. This is the beginning of a look-back ad series.

The Weirdest Questions Asked By "The Wright Stuff" On Twitter

Cloning dinosaurs: are you for or against?

24 Dogs Ridiculously Dressed For Halloween

Halloween isn't just a time for girls to dress like skanks... it's also a time for us to torture our dogs and make them wear ridiculous outfits.

This Is A Real Quote From Rihanna's New "Glamour" Magazine Interview

Guess who RiRi thinks is "gangsta" now. (Actually, you almost certainly won't be able to guess correctly.)

Government Shutdown: How We Got Here

The government shutdown has been almost three years in the making. "I think this might be what finally brings us back from the brink of insanity," said one GOP congressman.

Milestones In The Life Of The Potter Head

From Muggle to magic, how the Harry Potter series transformed a generation.

15 Insultingly Easy ITV Phone-In Quiz Questions

University Challenge got nothing on this.

China's Killer Hornets Are Enormous And Horrifying

You do not want to get stung by one of these.

The Week In Gossip Mags: 22 Snippets From Celeb World

This week's gossip, all in one place.

"Dance Bitch" Is Essentially "Work Bitch" But With More Aaron Paul

DJs Tom Neville and Zen Freeman have joined forces with Aaron Paul to create a "hyper kinetic dance floor gem," bitch!

This White Van Man Is A Hero

Top punning. Five stars.

This Robotic Leg Is Controlled Only By Thought

Nerve signals sent to this man's missing leg are rerouted and now control a bionic leg instead.

22 Reasons Devon Is Glorious

It's not just cider. Well, there is some cider.

16 Flatmate Horror Stories

I asked my Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and BuzzFeed colleagues to share their most painful communal living memories.

9 GIFs That Show How Climate Change Will Affect Earth

Temperatures are going up and there's going to be a lot more rain. But not everywhere.

Check Out These Unseen Pictures From The Set Of "Return Of The Jedi"

New book The Making Of Return Of The Jedi takes us behind the scenes of the classic three-quel.

19 Types Of People You See In A Nightclub

Underage teens? Check. Hen night? Check. Token pervert? Check.

14 Very Important Reasons To Watch "The Voice"

Hint: They all involve Adam Levine.

Kaley Cuoco's Reaction To Her Sister On "The Voice" Is The Cutest Thing Ever

The Big Bang Theory star proves she'd also make a very embarrassing pageant mom.

Democratic Congressman Screams At Republicans On House Floor: "Stand Up For America"

Democratic Congressman John Larson of Connecticut had harsh words for Republicans on the House of Representatives floor early Tuesday morning following the government shutdown.

20 Reasons Yummy Breakfast Is The Cat Even Cat Haters Will Love

Universe, meet Yummy Breakfast — the world's most adorable cat. This Scottish Fold enjoys dinner time, staring with giant eyes, and the general domination of your heart.

11 Excellent Tweets About The Government Shutdown

At 12:00AM on 1 October 2013, the United States Government entered a shutdown as mandated by the Office of Management and Budget. And, as always, Twitter was 100% on point. Here are 11 excellent tweets from the first 30 minutes of the Shutdown Experience.

14 Tweets That Shut Down Twitter

Twitter went crazy in the hours before the government shutdown. Here's what you missed.

Pay-The-Interns Advocates Praise White House For Furloughing Interns During Shutdown

"The fact that they're being treated the same as the workers is a step in the right direction."

Watch Obama's Shutdown Message To The Armed Forces

The commander-in-chief's message to the troops as the government shuts down: "You and your families deserve better than the dysfunction we’re seeing in Congress." The message was broadcast on Armed Forces Television at midnight Tuesday.

12 Ways To Know You're A Psychology Major

And how does that make you feel?

19 Things That Will Never Look The Same After Watching Breaking Bad

This post is SFTNCU (safe for those not caught up). No spoilers here! Just a few items we can never see without thinking of our beloved Walt or Jesse or Hank or Marie or Skyler or Flynn or Saul or...

What It's Like Being A Twentysomething And Dealing With A Coworker From Hell

Fellow twentysomethings, I know you feel me on this one.

5 Legendary TV Endings...& Why Breaking Bad Beats Them All

View Photo 1- 5 Legendary TV Endings...& Why Breaking Bad Beats Them All

38 Prettiest Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

It's the one day of your life when you can cover everything in roses and peonies, so you may as well go all out!

Five NES Games That Made You Want To Break Your Controller

Long before the age of save states, memory cards, GameFaqs and social media gamers lived in the best of worst times: the NES era. Games were awesome and creative but in order to make an otherwise short game longer they were also often ridiculously hard. If you had an NES you probably love and hate the following games.

16 Reasons You Should Get Out Into The Country This Fall

You may think heading to the woods and looking at trees is an activity reserved for someone older than you. You, of course, would be incorrect.

Miley Cyrus Is Not Pregnant With Juicy J's Baby, Despite Rumors

Rumors spread that Miley Cyrus is pregnant with Juicy J's baby after she appeared at the 2013 BET Awards. She since shot down the rumors with a tweet.

16 Great Moments From The Season 5 Premiere Of Parenthood

Seriously, this show is the greatest. It makes you feel all the feels.

How The Government Shutdown Could Wreak Havoc On Obamacare

The president insists that when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, Republicans "can't shut it down." But the government shutdown could seriously impede the law's implementation.

5 Hikers Killed, 1 Injured In Colorado Rock Slide

Five hikers caught in a rock slide were killed Monday in the mountains of Chaffee County, Colorado. An injured girl was rescued but the others could not be reached.

William Hope's Eerie Spirit Photography

These haunting photos are a product of early trick photography.

U.S. Olympic Ski Champion Blasts Russia's Anti-LGBT Law: "Absolutely Embarrassing"

America's Olympic hopefuls sound off at the U.S. Olympic Committee's Media Summit.

12 Things You Might Not Know About Empire Records

Take time to indulge in some fun facts about the film that made Rex Manning a household name--at least in my household.

Snoop Dogg's Son, A Four-star Recruit, Approves Of Lane Kiffin's USC Firing

Cordell Broadus has no problem with USC's decision to fire Lane Kiffin.

Khloe Kardashian Drops 'Odom' From Twitter, Instagram

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star is no longer Khloe Kardashian Odom in the cyberworld.

Watch John Boehner Do An Impression Of Barack Obama

On the House floor Monday night, Speaker Boehner reenacted a phone call he got from the president earlier in the evening. He then did a very brief Obama impression.

Your Horoscope As Told By Cupcakes

If anything is going to tell you how to live your life, it better have frosting on it.

This Is What A Year Of Breast Cancer Treatment Looks Like In One Minute

When Emily Helck began treatment for breast cancer last September, she started taking a picture of herself every week. What she created was an incredibly moving document of her journey.

Willie Nelson "Far Away Places" Featuring Sheryl Crow

You heard it here first: Willie & Sheryl Crow sing a duet.

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