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October 16, 2013

Beautiful Photographs Of Couples And Friends At Soweto Pride In South Africa

Zanele Muholi, a visual activist, photographed attendees at the 9th annual Soweto Pride march and celebration in South Africa last month.

This Man Cooking Nachos Will Make You More Emotional Than You'd Expect

Tumblr user spookyandthetheif took a classic recipe video from everyone's favorite chef, Weber Cooks, and put it to super sad music. The result is hauntingly hilarious and better than anything you've seen before.

Morrissey's Finest Literary Moments

As readers and fans in the US rejoice that Moz's memoir AUTOBIOGRAPHY will finally be available on December 3, 2013, we'll spend the final weeks with a review of the books that have inspired Morrissey's life and work.

What Americans Really Think About The Rest Of The World

From the creator of the The Atlas Of Prejudice comes maps of the world according to stereotypical American prejudices. Equal parts funny and sad, these maps also give insight on how the rest of the world views U.S. Americans.

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