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October 31, 2013

A Guide To One Of The Hedge Fund World's Messiest Divorces

Highland Capital founder James Dondero makes around $30 million a year. A prenup calls for his wife, Becky, to get $5 million in a divorce settlement. He has resisted paying her for two years, and now, a judge in Texas has reached a verdict in the bitter standoff.

Why Every TV Network Owner Is Smiling Today

Time Warner Cable's loss of 306,000 video subscribers as a result of its blacking out CBS for the better part of August proves that the fight against programming-fee increases is futile. The situation is best summed up with a line from Goodfellas: Fuck you, pay me.

Toronto Police Have The Rob Ford Crack Video

Chief Bill Blair said Thursday in a news conference that police have obtained a video of Mayor Ford that is "consistent with what has previously been reported in the media," and he is "disappointed" in what he watched.

What Did You Wear Last Halloween?

Maybe it was the best, maybe it was the worst, regardless: show us what you dressed up as last Halloween. Or the one before that. Or when you were 5.

How Rider Strong Learned To Love Shawn Hunter

Now 33, Rider Strong — Cory Matthews' well-coiffed Boy Meets World sidekick — opens up about growing up in Shawn Hunter's shadow, the show's upcoming spin-off, which co-stars came to his recent wedding, and what the hell happened to Mr. Turner.

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