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October 15, 2013

Check Out This 18 Foot Sea Monster That Was Just Found Off The Coast Of California

The stuff of legends. When Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) marine science instructor was snorkeling, she spotted the carcass of something amazing: an 18-foot-long oarfish.

Here's Why Jamie Dornan Is The New Christian Grey

The insanely hot Irish actor has reportedly landed the role and he'll make you forget that Charlie Hunnam ever existed.

Bandit The Kitten Was Rescued Just In Time To Steal Your Heart

When an Imgur user found this little guy abandoned and in trouble, she had no choice but to restore him to full heart-bandit status.

James Franco Read His Own Apology Letter Aloud On David Letterman

This letter keeps coming back to haunt him. FYI, he used to be a little hellion growing up. Who knew...

Donald Glover Pens Candid And Extremely Personal Notes In A Hotel Room

Through the thoughts Glover posted to his Instagram we discover frustrations with his record label, his deep concerns about the future, and that he worries that nearly everyone — including Dan Harmon — might hate him. Sounds like it's been a rough year for Gambino.

Every Outfit Walter White Ever Wore On All Five Seasons Of "Breaking Bad"

Graphic Designer Nathan Peters has painstakingly illustrated every outfit worn by Breaking Bad's Walter White. It's as geeky and impressive as it sounds, and then some.

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