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October 17, 2013

Let Waffles The Tortoise Show You How To Make The Perfect Black Forest Cake

We all know Waffles is the best tortoise out there but did you know he also bakes? Let him show you how in 10 easy steps.

Meet The "12 Years A Slave" Actress No One Knows, But Everyone Will Be Talking About

Kenyan native Lupita Nyong'o makes her stunning feature film debut in director Steve McQueen's highly acclaimed chronicle of American slavery. How she got to this point is itself a Hollywood-friendly tale that is equal parts perseverance and great good fortune.

"Ender's Game" Gets Two Awesome Posters From Mondo

EXCLUSIVE: The Austin, Texas based art gallery Mondo commissioned artist Martin Ansin to create this stunning one-sheet (in both red and gold) for the sci-fi film, out Nov. 1.

Sam Palladio From "Nashville" Looks Super Sexy In New Photo Shoot

Bello Magazine did a lovely October feature on Sam, who plays Gunner on the T.V show. If possible, he gets more and more attractive every day.

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